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    Had my beard now for going on 9 months and have been using the below beard oil:

    Best Sandalwood Beard Oil - Conditioner & Softener for Men - Stronger Scent Oils, Includes Argan and Jojoba - Available in 1 & 2 oz

    I like the scent but am also open to new things. I’d like to try a new beard oil, I like classic old school barbershop scents. I was thinking I might try Rockwell beard oil but want to hear suggestions.


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  1. I'm a fan of Grave Before Shave. They have some really fantastic scents and you can grab an oil sampler from them on the cheap to see what you like. Their bay rum is 10/10 IMO.

    Not sure where the length and style of your beard is, but I also love Honest Amish for their beard balms and waxes. Their bayou collection is strong and spicy. Great products.

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  2. If you don’t want to make your own Honest Amish Premium is hands down the best beard oil.

    If your looking fir a great scent try Bearded Bastard Beard oils... the scents are just amazing.

    I’ve started making my own. I am a huge fragrance collector and wanted Beard oils whose smell would blend with my Colognes. I feel like I can guarantee the quality and make it smell like I want it to .

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  3. My skin doesn't agree with castor or olive oils. The ones I've tried that are primarily Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, and Apricot all seem to work well. WSP makes a really good beard oil. PAA makes one that is prickly pear based that is pretty good, too. Best thing with PAA is you can get any of their many scents.
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    I'm new to beard oils, so can't offer any advice on alternative but a sample pack does sound a good way to go. Grave Before Save seems to get a lot favorable mentions, so I just picked up a sample pack to see for myself.
  5. Can't beat Grave Before Shave, Bearded Bastard and Honest Amish. Also look at Northern Fir- currently my favorite.
  6. I like Grave Before Shave products but they have screwed up my orders twice in a row so that's the end of the line for them. Maybe a little less spent on social media advertising and a little more time shipping the correct products would help. I found a local to me company in SW Missouri which is MOBeards, great products and service. I don't think they have a classic barbershop scent though, might check out Pinaud beard products.
  7. So what type of blend do you use? I use 3 parts castor, 2 parts sweet almond w/ vitamin E, 1 part argan, and 1 part jojoba. I also use it for pre-shave, that's why so much castor.
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    I have found that beard oil recommendations are as varied as motor oil recommendations. Ask 10 people their opinion and you will get 11 answers!

    Viscosity, weight, synthetic or not.... Its pretty uncanny. :D
  9. i've been using the "barber shoppe" beard oil from a guy at the local farmers market. He makes some great stuff.

    this is the link, not sure why it appears as "home"
  10. I buy a large 4oz bottle of organic cold pressed jojoba oil and add a little lavender and peppermint essential oil, sometimes tea tree oil. I like jojoba oil because it’s light weight and it mimics the natural oils found in skin and hair.


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  11. Personally i use Chesapeake Beard co. alot. They have great scents and they really soften my beard and work well on my skin. I agree that you cannot go wrong with honest amish they make good stuff. Didnt care for grave before shave scents.
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    I make my own... Myself and two other bearded friends chipped in on the ingredients and we made a good batch for $2.50/oz. I think we yielded 2.5qts. I did beard balm for $5/oz and I like it more than the oil.

    Still have some ingredients for mustache wax...
  13. Previous recommendations are spot on.

    For oils I would say the GBS bay rum is my favorite all time scent.

    For skin/hair health and the like honest Amish is the way to go. All products are good. The oil definitely has a licorice/jagermeister smell to it. But people certainly won’t think you smell like booze it’s not that strong.

    Not sure about length or hair quality but for me by the 9 month point I had some serious beard length and needed something stronger to keep the beard in the appropriate shape. For this I would recommend honest Amish extra grit beard wax. Perfect for styling and keeping the beard shaped. Looks like dirt but works like a charm.
  14. I'm an all-natural kind of guy so I use Beard and Company. Everything they have is awesome. I use Repair and Growth oil a lot since they use my preferred essential oils. I know they use peppermint from Yakima, Washington which is the best.
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    You handsome devil!
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    The Pre de Provence No. 63 works well for mine, and I am a huge fan of the scent.
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    I'm a newbie but I'll throw in my 2 cents. I use the GIBS Bush Master beard oil with the red label just because I love the smell. I have a boar's hair brush and I put the oil on that and brush my beard. It's kind of pricey I guess but every once in a while you can find it in the 4 oz. which is a better deal.


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