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Beard dots? or are they holes in the cheeks?

you know when you sit next to or look at some men walking past and they shave everyday or every otherday, its like they got tiny black dots on their cheeks 1000's of them or are they are just tiny bits/ends of beard sticking out or growing the result of not a clean shave?

Im thinking if i shave every single day will i get those beard-dots or if i just shave once a week i will have baby smooth skin like some men?
I shave every morning, except Sat and Sun and I can get a pretty smooth shave (not completely smooth mind you) but I do have a residual faint beard that shows if you look close. I would say its the end of the hair that is visible on the surface of the skin. Never been able to get rid of it, but then I'm just starting with a DE this week so maybe that will change things for me.
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