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    Hi all, nice to meet you.

    I've grown a beard a number of times and have shaved it off mainly as I've gotten bored of it but this time, Christmas Eve just gone, i regretted it so I've grown it back since.

    4 months on its starting to curl up again. This time i thought I'd check if there is anything to do apart from simply cutting the curls off.

    Cheers, Marc
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    I like to keep it simple and let the beard do what it wants to do. So I just towel dry, apply some oil and comb through. Doesn't really take the curl out, but relaxes it a bit especially compared to just letting it dry naturally. Some guys will use balms, waxes, and/or a blow dryer and round brush. Some also swear by a boar brush. Depending how big you want to go, time, length, weight, and gravity will stretch the curls out. Sometimes you just have to power through the awkward stages.
  2. Welcome to the forums. I usually keep my beard fairly short when I let it grow. I don't get any curling, but that would likely take care of it.

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  3. Cheers guys, I'll see how it goes
  4. Welcome, Marc! Not sure what you mean when you said it "curls up". When my beard gets long, it gets more curly than when I keep it shorter. Is that what you are referring to? Here are a couple of pics to demonstrate what I'm referring to. I keep it the length of the second pic now. I liked it bigger, but got too many negative comments and got tired of defending it. At it's current length, no more negative comments and it's easier to manage.
    Brd BB2 (2).jpg
    Brd bib.jpg
  5. It's more like the edges look a bit like a wild boars tusks as it kicks right out in some parts. When i grew it last year it improved after a while when it got longer. I'm not too concerned with it though.

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