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Beall I-X collets + router bit extender = sweet brush handle turning

I have been turning using a 1/2” router bit extender that is the perfect 12 buck collet chuck for my Beall I-X collets.

I just happened to run into the bit extenders when looking for the right chuck to hold the Beall I-X. Looks like the are many price points, but the low end one I bought is doing the job and staying well out of the way while turning. I figured the runout spec must be good if it does the job in a router. A bonus is that the extender’s locking nut presses out against the I-X collet when loosening, helps free the Beall’s shank from the extender’s collet.
Some pictures of the set up. It is secure enough, and gives enough clearance, that I can just pre-drill the blank, mount it on the I-X, plug the I-X into the extender, and turn the entire handle with no further setup.
I-X collet and router bit extender

From L to R:
G3 chuck>router bit extender>Beall I-X collet>workpiece
Interesting. You don't have to much trouble with the cup splitting using an internal collet?
No splits so far. I have turned some weaker spalted blanks without an issue. The I-X collets have a fairly narrow range of expansion, so it is not possible to just keep expanding one until it forces the blank to split.

I think the blank would have to be pretty weak or the side force from turning would have to be very strong to split a cup with a wall of normal thickness. I don’t think I’ll experiment to find those limits.