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Beaded Jewelry gifts for SWMBO (or anyone else)

Good day everyone.

Now I hope this doesn't break forum rules or anything but I was wondering if I might give a plug on here for my wife's products which would make great gifts for all those SWMBO'S (and possibly facilitate the further purchase of all shave related products for you guys - as SWMBO will be very happy that you thought of her).:wink:

Anyhow, my wife hand makes beaded jewelry using all manner of colored beads and stones etc. and personally, I think she has a good eye for design and color coordination. She started this as a hobby (and we can all relate to that) but has become quite enamored with the whole thing and is interested in seeing if she can start up a small business via the Internet.

I recently suggested she open an ebay store and was most surprised to find her in favor of the idea. It can be found here. She also has other knick knacks up on the site, but it is the beading that really gives her the satisfaction.

If anyone is interested, please take a look and see if it's the sort of thing you might be interested in purchasing for SWMBO as a small gift, there's nothing that expensive on there......yet!:biggrin: Even if you don't think it's your bag but you know someone who might, please pass the word around. She can almost certainly tailor make something for someone if they would be interested in that.

I wasn't sure about doing this as it almost feels kind of tacky, but, I feel I contribute at least a little to this forum and have hopefully earned a little respect or kudos from some of the members here. I only decided to go ahead with this plug as I feel I am among friends and would also genuinely love to help SWMBO get this up and running. It's nice to see her getting as into a hobby as this shaving malarkey has become for me!:biggrin:

If you have any questions at all then don't hesitate to PM me about it. Also, any feedback at all is appreciated from such a fine bunch of gentleman.

Mods, if this is in flagrant violation of the rules, I apologize and please delete this post.

Gentleman, thank you all for taking the time if you would.


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I have my order in and bookmarked her store. Nice work!

I used to do beads myself and there is a lot of time and effort that go into making these items. I started with an eBay store with my soaps and wish the best to your wife!
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