Be on the Lookout for a Mean GEM Razor!

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by L.A. Jones, Jun 4, 2019.

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    This morning I was savagely attacked by an early 50's Schick Type G razor (I realize the thread title says GEM but I was still pretty shook-up when I posted). I am partly to blame as my mild encounters with vintage razors over the past few months lulled me into complacency.

    One must remember that at their core essence these razors will remain wild and never be tamed. I received a total of 7 nicks... I will heal physically but the emotional scars may remain a lifetime.

    If you see this razor DO NOT approach it... call for help.

    (Last seen hanging out with a Muhle R41.)

    GEM Attack.jpg
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  2. I'll pray for you.
  3. You definitely don't want to turn your back on one. It's almost impossible to apply a styptic pencil to nicks on your back. :001_rolle
  4. Sorry that you had that experience with the Type G! Angle is hard with some of the injectors initially. Focusing on keeping it flat to your face will keep you safer. My Type E also likes to deliver nicks if I'm not careful, but keeping the angle very flat to my skin keeps it much more comfortable and reduces the chance of nicking myself. FWIW, I have a harder time with GEM razors and can't use them yet without bloodletting.
  5. Ron R

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    Not sure why that razor would of been so aggressive so I will give you a bit of a story on a Schick E5 I own. I started to use this E5 and I had been shaving for over a year and I had a small collection of various razors by then and I new what a aggressive razor is. My hand technique was reasonable and along the way I purchased this E5 at a antique store and after giving it a good cleaning and a quick examination I proceeded with the 1st shave and boy did it seem aggressive. Being the curious and examined the blade seat more it became apparent that the previous owner loved that razor so much because of the thousands of uses (wear areas from beard sanding brass)and Hundreds of blade changes the blades had started to notch the blade keepers and was preventing the blade to seat flat on the base plate. I could see light underneath the blade with a newly seated blade so I did a little filing with my needle files but the blade keepers were shot and so I keep that razor as a reminder how aggressive a razor can become from normal wear. (checking your blade seat possibly could be the issue or to much pressure applied?)
  6. Just thinking. If the blade was filing the keeper over time, that would indicate movement. If movement, it would be away from the keeper.
  7. Ron R

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    Well what happened IMO was as the wedged groove started forming on the blade keepers it was lifting the front edge upwards a little and the cap is spring loaded so it will always forward the blade to the blade stops putting a little force on the blade top and back of blade to secure it.
    Have some great shaves!
  8. YIKES! This Thread is making me think twice about buying Blades for my Schick Injectors.
    I have a Bakelite handle (Type E3) model as well as (two) TYPE B-1's and a TYPE "A".
    I've haven't yet ordered Blades for these Razors. Should I be afraid ?

  9. Yes you should be afraid because these don’t work without blades. :001_tt2:
  10. No. Just follow the instructions. The razors shipped with a blank for a reason, you were not supposed to shave with a blade loaded into an empty razor. Don't do that.

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  11. Oooh, wise guy! Ynuk, ynuk ynuk......

    OK, I guess I asked for that one lol.

  12. You should be safe!

    I don't think it is an approved method for skinning cats. :lol::lol1:
  13. Don't be surprised, but your GEM may also be hanging out with my Fat Boy.

    Yesterday, I got a superb shave. Today, same routine, but got three weepers, and the alum block lit my face on fire! Something must have been off either in technique, or perhaps I needed to dial it down for the ATG pass, but wow.
  14. I've managed to not get bit that bad with my G, but you do need to watch yourself a bit, as the G seems less intuitive of angle than my M1 Adjustable. She's not bent, but just a bit more difficult to mindlessly find the angle. The M1 can be hurried through a shave with good results, but try that with the G and the shaving police will cite you with a speeding ticket!

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