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BBS Trouble Spot

Does anyone else have problems getting an all-over BBS shave? I seem to have one spot just under the jawline on the right side that never seems to come out BBS no matter what I do. I'm using a typical 3 pass shave with an occasional oil pass to touch-up under the jawline and neck.
I sometimes have a little touch up to do around the adams apple area. You get to know which way the hair lies on different parts of your face after a while.
I have the same problem. I just do an ATG touch up. It's not perfect but it's good enough for me. Have you tried pulling the skin tight while you shave that area?
I have, I just don't seem to have figured out exactly which way it's growing yet. Being right handed, I'm wondering if the right blade angle is more difficult to achieve.
Yea, I have a similar spot by my adam's apple. I can get BBS if I really work at it, but then I have irritation for days so I just have developed an attitude of "it's not worth it" for that one small spot.
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