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    I have been on a very busy schedule lately, and was trying to get out as quickly as possible every morning.

    Got to the point where I can get BBS in under 10 minutes. Well under 10 minutes - the shaving itself takes perhaps 5 min, the rest is aftershave care & cleaning.

    After a hot shower, rub Arko stick on my stubble, face lather, classic three passes with Parker Variant set at 3.5 and Astra SP, a couple little cleanup passes here and there, quick rinse with cold water, generous splash of witch hazel, stick the razor in a vile with rubbing alcohol, wash the soap off the brush, quick cleanup of countertop, apply some Nivea balm, put the razor away. All done in 7-8 minutes. I get a weeper every now and then, but most of the time it's absolutely irritation free.

    I got lucky, having started only 3 months ago - my first razor was delivered on March 15th - I got through the initial and painful adjustment period fairly quickly, despite having sensitive skin and hard wiry stubble, and shaving every single day except for an occasional Sunday.

    Discovering the right preparation, the right razor, the right blade, and sticking to basics (always softening the stubble in the shower first, not applying pressure, paying attention to the angle, relathering after each pass) was the key.

    I did go back to the Baili for a day and, as much as I like it, I have to admit that the Variant is a far superior razor in many ways, especially the efficiency. Baili is just too mild, and not as heavy (the weight helps with not applying pressure).

  1. Your timing seems reasonable. One thing you might try is using the Variant for the primary passes and then use the mild Baili razor with a very sharp blade for cleanup passes. I do this even when I use a straight razor for the primary passes. In my case, the mild razor is a VDH/Weishi TTO and my blade of choice is a BIC Chorme Platinum, Gillette Nacet, 7 O'Clock Black, Personna Israeli Red, German Wilkinson Sword Classic, or Dorco Prime Platinum.
  2. After shower is always the best shave for me, I get a routine down and life changes it lol. Then I get a new razor to try so that doesn't help either. Good to remind us that slow and steady is needed to, that helps alot imo as well.
  3. Wow you’re in @Razorcan territory!! Under 10 minutes was the best i could do with a cart. DE takes me at least 20 with the norm being about 25. I just have to go over the same areas so many times i don’t think it's possible for me to shave any more quickly. I’ve tried and ended up with some pretty poor shaves. Kudos for the super speed (pun intended!)
  4. Congrats! :a14::a14:

    Shaving takes me at least 15 minutes, often a bit more.
  5. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    I borrowed this from another site I contribute to!

    3 passes and clean up all done with one lathering to reduce time!(8-13.5 minute shave):shaving:

    I know that every one has time constraints & luckily some do not most of their time(retired). If you are the type that is very active or late riser and want a good quick shave and like just the DE method there is a way. The best way is just use some Gillette shaving gel Goo and fill a plastic bowl (or let the tap trickle)with water wet the face with water & hand lather like you normally would. With one hand you will shave and the other will be the dipping water hand. The objective is to only shave a small area(2X2> inches), you would do WTG first while wetting the hand after 1st pass to pull a little lather and re-activate the slickness for 2nd pass XTG in this 2X2> inch area. Third pass will be if you do ATG will be done by dipping the free hand in the water and reactivating the dried slickness and pulling a little lather in from the unshaven area if needed and Braille feeling the skin if a clean-up is needed and onto the next small unshaven area. You Don't need shaving gel or foam and could use a brush and soap but you have clean up that follows losing time. This method will cut your time easily in half or greater. I HAVE DONE this over 14 times to test for those rushed days that pop up from time to time.
    I like brush re-lathering method after each pass, but we all have different time constraints and I'm retired and have lots of time to share a little knowledge on saving time.(Lots of times I mentioned time ....... I won't waste any more of your time of this subject any more:lol:)
    Have some great shaves
  6. If you have to go over the same spot multiple times, you might need to investigate either getting a sharper blade or a more aggressive razor. Some buffing is normal, but it should not take you 20-25 minutes to shave. I normally prepare my equipment, shower, towel dry, shave and clean up in less than 30 minutes. BTW, I have a very tough, coarse beard and sensitive skin, so if I can do it, most everyone else should be able to do so as well.

    One key for me is using the right shaving soap. It take me 15-30 seconds to load my brush and another 60 seconds to develop a luxurious lather in a bowl. Some people use soaps that take several times that long.
  7. Skip the relathering,use shaving foam and do all four passes (with the help of residual slickness and a bit of water) consequtively over the same area and the actual shave does not need more than 3 minutes,you will also need another minute for rubbing in your shaving foam so I say a 5 minute BBS can easily be achieved if you know what you are doing.
  8. I get up 15 min early on work days so I don't have to rush my shave. For me its about 20 min of relaxing me time before I go to work and direct all my attention to others. The few minutes before bed to setup my shave for the next day does speed things up in the morning.

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