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BBE specs? Want a similar brush in silvertip.


I really like my B&B Essential. It really hits the spot for me in terms of form (and it's far from a slouch in terms of function). I like it so much that I want it to be the template for a silvertip brush. My favorite brush, for now at least, is the Shavemac 177. I'd love to blend it's lushly soft, yet reasonably firm, hair with the BBE's form (knot, loft, handle height).

So, my question: what are the specs on the BBE? I've searched, and appear to be inept at it. I could do a rough measurement myself with a ruler, but if the "factory specs" exist, that'd be more helpful.

The rest of the story is that I'm thinking a Saville Row 3722 might be in the ballpark, based on Jim's review pics showing the 3722 next to a Shavemac 177. That got me thinking that the 3722 might have a similar form to the BBE. But, I ramble. First step: get the BBE specs. Can anyone help?

Here is a photo of my WCS Shavemac 23mm silvertip next to my BBE for comparison. The Shavemac shaves much softer than the BBE, even though it has a little less loft and they are otherwise similarly shaped. It also comes in 21mm silvertip or finest, which might be a closer match to the BBE.

Also interested in this quest. Think perhaps photo comparisons might add to just using a measurement comparison. The BBE has a "glue channel" at the base of the know which, I believe, limits the bloom somewhat; and that won't show up in measuring knot width and heighth.
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