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    Captain's Choice is a great bay rum scent. I've not used their soap (I still have some from when RazoRock made Captain's Choice scented soap years ago), but it gets good reviews. I'm also a fan of Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny, which is a vegan soap, and the scent is a really interesting take on bay rum, with some black tea scent mixed in.
  1. I also like Imperial Rum. I picked it up from Merchant and Rhoades in Chicago. I believe they will ship it to you.
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    I need to uwatch this thread unless someone is going to offer these or wants to trade them!
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    I have a puck of the Col Conk Bay Rum and it works great! I lather it like a normal soap, and it provides a very good shave. The scent to me is good, but mild.
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    Post a pic of your Col Conk setup!
  5. when i try out the col conks bay rum i was thinking about melting it into an old spice lathering mug, i currnetly have the amber in ther right know
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    You might not need to “melt” it. I bet you could press it to fit uniformly in the mug if you so choose.
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    If you do this I suggest that you cut it into small cubes first, put it in the bowl you plan on using, and only microwave it in 10 second bursts. The first one or two rounds wont look like it has any effect on the soap, then it will suddenly liquefy. The reason I suggest doing it this way is because nuking it too long and making it too hot will actually burn off some of the ingredients.

    This is how I prepare every puck that I use. The surface area increases drastically and it makes loading my brush a 10 second job. I actually recommend this method to everyone that will listen to me...!

    Good luck and let me know how it turns out for you!
  8. the way i melted the amber was in a glass measuring cup, makes it easier to pour, in a hot water bath, dont trust the microwave method. hot water bath seems to have more control over the heat input as oppossed to the microwave method, also how much water does your soap need cant seem to get a decent lather with it. i have only tried the amber so far. i dont think it is any fault of your soap, i think its more user error. im extremely new to wetshaving. thx!
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    The double boil method is much more friendly....

    I can get yogurt consistency from the original Amber in 60 seconds using the following method:
    Soak brush is hot water
    Bloom soap for 30 seconds
    Pour bloom water off of soap (Sometimes I will use ONLY bloom water)
    Shake out excess water from brush
    Load brush and mix for approximately 45 seconds
    Add ~10 drops of water
    Swirl for an additional 20 seconds

    This can vary slightly depending on mineral content in your local water supply. I have never personally experienced the inability to create a workable lather with ANY soap though.

    Side note:
    When loading my brush I will give the brush a workout. Smashing the bristles straight into the soap and agitating in all directions. Twisting,turning, left,right,up,down etc.... After I add water however, I only "whip" the lather in a clockwise motion and try to incorporate the water into the lather, rather than whipping it into a frenzy.

    I hope this helps you on your journey!
  10. what type of brush are you using, boar or badger and does this make a difference? im currently using a boar brush for my lathers
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    I use a 26mm badger.

    A boar brush will be stiffer and will help pick up more product when loading so you dont need to be as aggressive if you use a boar brush.. The rest will still apply the same.

    I really believe that most people tend to be too easy on the brush and soap when first learning how to build a lather. Dont be afraid to show that boar brush or soap who's boss!!
  12. I love Bay Rum. Mystic Waters, Captain's Choice, Mike's, Sudsy Soapery (Citrus and Bay), and CRSW all make good BR scents.
  13. i wanna try crsw, they seem to have alot good feedback, prbly gonna order a puck of their soap sometime soon
  14. CRSW is top tier. Both the select and the Glide base are fantastic products.
  15. i can give that a try, i do believe our water is pretty hard here, what can be done about this if anything? also i noticed when i lather the soap on the bottom of the bowl looks rather pasty. this is after loading when acutally bowl althering. is this normal? do i need to add more water? i nomrally give the brush a few light taps before loading it up with product.
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    I love most bay rum splashes.


    My absolute favorite is Crown King Bay Rum. I wear it most of the time.

    The Crown King Bay Rum soap is good. However, the scent is not to my nose quite as good as the splash; that is not saying anything negative about the scent of the soap. I like the soap's scent, but I like the splash better. The soap's performance is not as good as the very best soaps (such as Grooming Dept's Lusso based soaps), but it is a quite good soap.

    CK makes two versions of their premium soaps. I've not tried the newer and more expensive version of their base.

    As much as I like bay rum's scent performance is the bigger deal for me.

    Happy shaves,

  17. Try Long Rifle Bay Rhum--which is bay rum with a little hint of lime. Very nice. I like the soap and the matching aftershave splash.
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    Im not sure what you mean by "pasty". Do you mean the lather is thick and glue-ish? If so, then yes, a few drops of water would loosen it up. Too much water will result in a lather that dissipates quickly,is full of large air bubbles, and is typically runny. That translates into a lather that doesn't offer adequate protection or slickness.

    I find that the sweet-spot shows up as an almost pearlescent look with no discernible air bubbles to speak of.
  19. ok, ill keep experimenting with the soap, should i get some distilled water from the store and see if that helps anything, would prbly be much softer than the water we have around here

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