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    I got a puck of col conks bay roam soap and really like the way it smells, i was wondering if anyone had a recomendation on some really high quality artisan bay rum i could get, it can be a puck, cream, or crope. any suggestions would be greatly apreciated, col conks seems to have sweet notes to it, i wouldnt mind something on the other side of the scent spectrum as well. thx again
  1. I have to be honest. I hated Col Conks BR, both performance & scent. I tossed the soap after 1 shave. I love a good BR scent and have tried a number of them. Splurge and try some Captains Choice BR soap and order the aftershave. If you don't mind a nice burn, try the Cat O' Nine Tails AS. If you love the smell of clove (like I do), there's Ogallala BR soap and aftershave. Of all I've tried, CC is my favorite BR soap and A/S.
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  2. I'm sure many will chime in with some excellent suggestions for high quality artisan bay rum soap.
    So, instead, I will suggest one name that is not as popular: Taconic. Soap or cream, although personally I prefer the cream for scent and latherability.
    i am a fan of the Col Conk Bay Rum soap.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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    My two favorite bay rum aftershaves are Superior 70 and Captain's Choice. Both are really nice.
  4. i honestly wasnt to impressed with how col conks lathered, i bought a samplers pack with four different scents,i tried lathering with the amber scent first, not sure if the bay rum puck would lather better. keep the suggestions coming, ill check out different products to see what works. may pick up some captains choice people usually have good things to say about that particular cream.
  5. What im really looking for is something that is really hydrating for the skin, i got some of PAA's atomic age bay rum and aftershave before i joined this site and that stuff just leaves my skin feeling dry unfortnatly. the best shave i have had is with the tobs sandalwood and cedarwood creams. i dont know if its my lathering techinque or if its paa's soap. i got Paa soap because it seemed like it had a lot of good ingredients for your skin and unless im not lathering properly with it, it leaves a lot to be desired as far as slickness and hydration go
  6. You can't go wrong with the Captain. I also have some Stirling Soap Bay Rum, but only the soap and not the aftershave. Stirling makes excellent soap, but a lot of others have a better bay rum scent, so I always use Captain's Cat o Nine Tails for aftershave.
  7. I actually bought the 4 pack col conk off amazon and tho it's OK it never was satisfying scent wise. Let me explain for Me smelling the Puck and using it a couple times smells great but as time goes on they lose the scent. Also unless your using bowl lathering it's kind of sucks to use for face lathering. Lastly I bought it and it smells like a strong clove bay rum but oogalala bayrum smells great but I have not used it yet so ymmv and like previously stated captains choice is said to be great.

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    I had a puck of the Col Conk Bay Rum and while having a challenging time using a scuttle, I turned it into a Shave Stick, and it worked great! Direct application, followed by face lathering really did the trick. It has a very subtle, but pleasant scent.
    The Bay Rum AS from Captains Choice is outstanding! I was on the fence about even trying Bay Rum despite having a puck waiting for attention. That all changed once some of Captains Choice Bay Rum AS arrived. the AS led me to try the puck.
    Now, in the midst of the 2019 Shaving Purchase Sabbatical, all I can do is hope for a chance to trade into some of the Capt. Choice Bay Rum shaving soap.
  9. I normally load up the brush with soap then build a lather in a shaving scuttle, ive got one of the georgetown pottery g20's that i use for that.
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    Stirling is a nice choice.

    You’ll find several soap makers currently not offering Bay Rum because the Bay essential oil has been unavailable for several months due to a shortage. If you see bay rum soaps out there right now it’s likely flavored with fragrance oil rather than essential oil. You don’t need to avoid ones with fragrance oil per say, but the good stuff is unobtanium right now.
  11. will it be listed in the ingredients whether its the actual bay essential oil or a fragance oil? just checked the ingredient list for stirlings, that looks like an intresting fragance profile, does bay rum normally have cinnamon in it?
  12. I have CRSW Bay Rum and quite like it. I've smelled others like Captain's that were much too clove heavy and I did not like.
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    It's one of the scents I readily identify, along with allspice, clove, bay, and an orange or mandarin-citrus, scent.
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    @newwetsahver PM me your name and address. I have a puck of Stirling Bay Rum that I can send you. I may have lathered once before realizing the Bay Rum scent just isn’t for me. I’ll drop it in the mail either tomorrow or Wed.
  15. oh awsome!! thx man very much apreciated!!
  16. UK based, but if you can get it, I'd strongly recommend Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum.
    It's packed with tallow & the scent is extremely well balanced & only a tiny hint of clove, which is what overpowers most of the poorer bay rums.
    This is more like a really classy, comforting mulled wine scent.
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  17. intresting, that one has lime in it, ill see if i can find a tub of it.
  18. Stirling is the only bay rum soap I currently have. But Superior 70, Pinaud VIBR, and Stefans bay rum aftershaves all get used regularly.
  19. I ordered the Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum ( soap, balm and cologne) last week from The English Shaving Co. and really look forward to trying it. Will post my thoughts after trying.

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