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Bay Rum with Tallow by The Strop Shoppe

I am a newbie to the whole badger and DE blade routine. This morning I tried the Strop Shoppe's Bay Rum with Tallow shaving soap. Wow! This soap is intoxicating. It lathers well and is slick. I did a 4 pass shave and now I can't stop stroking my face. My wife and I are going to the Winter Jam concert tonight so I may have to shave again with this stuff.

I also have the Stop Shoppe's Baker Street soap that is in my regular rotation. My only complaint with this company is that I wished their website worked half as good as their soaps.
Strop Shoppe is great stuff for sure. I used the SE barbershoppe this morning and had a great shave and my face feels wonderful. I'd love to try their bay rum but have way too many other products to add another. Being in the sabbatical helps too.
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