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Bay Rum Soaps

Since I am still recent convert to shaving soaps, I was wondering what brands of soaps is recommended. So far, I only have Colonel Cronk soap, which after experimenting with, is great. After reading some of the posts however, it looks like it's just a first step into the world of shaving soaps.

The only requirement for now is that it must be bay rum scented. I'm addicted to it and the wife loves the scent. There are other fragrances I know, and I'll get to them in due time. But for now, just the bay rum.

Not what you are asking, I know, but my advice is find a good soap for you, regardless of fragrance, and then find the Bay Rum aftershave that you like.

I'm afraid limiting yourself to Bay Rum scented soaps is too limiting where soaps are concerned, and also you'll probably have a more pleasurable Bay Rum experience with aftershaves.
I like bay rum (but not Conk's). The bay rums soaps I like for scent and performance are:

Ogallala Bay Rum (the strongest scented but with a clove component)
RazoRock Captain's Choice Bay Rum
Straight Razor Designs West Indies Bay
Mike's Bay Rum

The Captain's Choice and Ogallala bay rum aftershaves (all varieties of both) are also great.
The Queen Charlotte Cayman is great, I just finished a sample of the cream and it works and smells awesome
Synergy BR,
RazoRock Captains Choice,

Both I've tried and they lather fantastic, really slick & smell great

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Barrister & Mann make an excellent Bay Rum soap. Scent is very similar to Captain's Choice and all of B&M soaps are great.
Two I can highly recommend:

Stirling Bay Rum
Los Angeles Shaving Soap-Santa Monica Bay Rum (poor man's MdC?)
Hi Steve,

PM me your address and I'll mail you a Stirling Bay Rum puck I have for free. The Bay Rum smell doesn't appeal to me but sounds like it's right up your alley. It's still sealed in original packaging...

When you get it, use it for a few days and let us all know what you think?
I too love the smell of Bay Rum and can recommend the following:

Barrister & Mann Bay Rum
Mikes Bay Rum
St. Charles Shave Bay Rum W a twist (Bay Rum w Lime)
Al's Shaving Products Calypso (Bay Rum)
The Shave Den Signature( Bay Rum w Bergamot)

Others I have Tried but not the fav

Prairie Creations Spiced Bay Rum (Have not tried her regular yet)
Ogallala: Bay Rum w Orange, Regular, Lime and Peppercorn but like the lime and peppercorn aftershave just not the shave soaps
Colonel Cronks
Hi Steve, I too started with the Col., Bay Rum to be exact. This was my first shave soap so I have no Idea what to expect. I've since moved on from the Col. and I have been using tallow based soaps. The question you have to ask yourself is tallow or veggie as well as clove or no clove? Personally, I really dig the scent of Mike's Bay Rum because this soap uses cloves. However, Barrister & Mann Bay Rum does not use clove. If I remember correctly, Col. Conk had a light Bay Rum Scent. If, you contact some of the producers i.e. Mike's Natural Shaving Soap or Barrister & Mann shaving Soaps, they will provide you with a shave soap sample before purchasing a full puck.
Thanks to all who replied. I've ordered some different soaps. As soon as I get saturated with bay rum, I'll try some different scents. Until then, I will try to keep updating this thread.
Unless you really like clove, to the extent that it overpowers everything else, not only in the soap, but everything else in the bathroom, stay away from Ogollala.
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