Bay Rum Shaving Cream Options?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by learis, Sep 11, 2018.

    Hello, I'm a fan of the Bay Rum scent, particularly Colonel Conk's bay rum. It's actually a hard scent to find for shaving cream. So far on West Coast Shaving all they have available is Captain's Choice shave cream with the bay rum scent. I've never heard of them, are they any good? Also could anyone recommend any other options for a bay rum shave cream. I would just use Colonel Conk's, but unfortunately I can't get a good lather with soaps (any soaps, I'm just no good at it).
  1. Go for the captain!
  2. Colonel Conk

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    My unscented shave-cream followed with my Bay Rum Aftershave?!
    Interestingly there has been very little interest in a straight Bay Rum-scented cream.
  3. stone cottage spiced bay shaving cream is another choice.
  4. Also AA Bay Rum
  5. meliahog

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    Captain's Choice is a winner...and the AS is great, too.
  6. WSP Bay Rum is great.
  7. CC creams are very good and their Bay Rum rendition is classic.
  8. meliahog

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  9. sarimento1

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    another Captains Choice vote!

    captains choice bay rum truefitt hill boker stainless steel december 9 2016.jpg
  10. Yup, Captain’s Choice. I have several of their products. The scent and the performance is just amazing.
  11. I have Barberry Coast Bay Rum cream and I can recommend it. Never tried the Captain's but I would think it would be a good one as well.
  12. meliahog

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    It is!
  13. I just received my Captain's Choice Bay Rum and have had a couple shaves with it. I find it to be a good balance with just the right amount of spice. Very impressed so far!
  14. meliahog

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    It's good stuff!
  15. You need to try the CO9T AS.:thumbup1:
  16. Meißner Tremonia Bay Rum Shaving Paste. You won't get a more genuine Bay Rum Scent outside of the Dominica Bay Rum AS.

    Just a personal preference but I stay away from "faux" Bay Rum products, which are merely enriched with synthetic bay rum fragrance.
  17. Everything Barberry Coast makes is top shelf. Just too expensive. 4oz cream for $29? Only when they offer 33% off email coupon!
  18. meliahog

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    For a cream, Captain's Choice.
    For a soap, Wet Shaving Products (WSP)

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