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Bay Rum scent cream or soap question

Hello Gents,
I am inquiring on good quality Bay Rum scented soaps or creams with a strong scent to it. I currently own the Col Conk Bay Rum and but, can not really smell the scent. I am trying to avoid spending $10-$20 on a cream or soap only to discover that it is not that strong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I just received some Synergy Coconut Bay Rum with Lime. it smells amazing, but I might be having a reaction to it unfortunately. I hear the Mystic water bay rum is amazing too. Synergy just started selling smaller tins for $10.
Try Ogallala Bay Rums. I have the bay rum/sandalwood soap and it is very strong. I also have the Stirling Bay Rum. It's not as strong as the Ogallala, but strong enough.
Ogallala is available through their web site or through West Coast Shaving. They specialize in bay rum and have many different blends of it. They also have aftershave and bar soaps as well.
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