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    What are your top 5 Bay Rum aftershave/colognes?
  1. Captain's Choice and Superior 70 are my favorites. I found the others I have tried too strong a scent.
  2. My favorite is Gables Bay Rum.
  3. Vintage Avon Bay Rum. Captain's Choice. Bootleggers Lime Bay Rum.
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    my new favorite bay rum, TOBS!!

    mike's lavender art of shaving fether taylor of old bond street bay rum june 29 2018.jpg
  5. My favorite bay rums are; St. Johns, Kraemprts, Pinaud VIBR and Masters. I own eleven bay rums, some are good, some are fair, a few are poor excuses.
  6. Captain's Choice and Ogallala Bay Rum(my favorite of the two)
  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. Ogalalla!!!!!!!
  9. +1, for sure!
  10. Anyone tried Stirling's Bay Rum EdT?
  11. My favorites too. CC for bay rum, CC Cat O'Nine Tales for the extra burn and Ogallala for the clove hit. I love a good bay rum soap & A/S, but bay rum is not a long-lasting scent when it comes to colognes. I also like the occasional high-alcohol hit of Superior 70 a/s. I used to find 70 at a local Walgreens for $4. I wouldn't spend much more than that on the internet.
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    Is there a bay rum edt?
  13. Other than Stirling's? I don't think there's one that's specifically bay run.

    However, there are many frags with a bay leaf note.

    Perhaps bay rum alone isn't stable enough to make a good, lasting EdT?
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    Captain's Choice and Atomic Age are my favorites although I'm embarrassed to admit I have never tried Ogallala bay rum yet.
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    How does it compare to other bay rums that you have tried?
  16. Grand Bay with a pea-sized dollop of 444 blended in.
  17. Royall Bay Rhum claims to be an EDT.
    As does Stirling.
    Ogallala reportedly has/had a double-strength version which may amount to an EDT.
    Although the French have propounded a standard for an eau de toilette, there is no enforcement I know of in the United States so, caveat emptor.

  18. I, too enjoy Royall Bay Rhum, but only if it's the vintage made in Bermuda version. I have gotten the new version and can't compare to my older Bermuda ones.
    Favorites of bay rums in den.

    Neeham's Bay Rhum (all others pale when compared to this,
    their Sandalwood is also amazing)
    Royall Lyme Bay Rhum Origin Bermuda
    Caribe Bay Rhum " "
    Avon Bay Rum
    Dominican Lime Bay Rum

    I prefer Bay Rums that are milder in clove than others with that heavy clovey pungency akin to walking through group of young people smoking the dreaded clove cigs.

    As for the question of a Bay Rum ETD...great question, just by the robust bay scent of Neeham's, I would think it's a possible candidate.
    Hey if anyone finds a BR EDT please let me know.
    Thanks, Glenn
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