Bay Rum EDT ?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Larry Telencio, Mar 11, 2019.

    Greetings All, I seem to have become addicted to bay rum lately and I am looking for some recommendations for a nice, long lasting, traditional bay rum EDT. Any suggestions????
  1. stirling has a nice bay rum EDT for a little over 20 dollars. It's 50 ml. I have it. It's pretty nice if you ask me.
  2. Yes Thank you, it is one that I am considering. I have the AS and seem to prefer it over the PAA AS I have.
  3. Ogallala has one as well, they call it a cologne, I believe. Their AS are long lasting enough for me though, so i've never tried the cologne.
  4. The best I have come across is Barberry Bay. Expensive but worth it! If you join their email list they often have good deals. Iv3 seen 33% off. Their aftershave and lotion are awesome as well.
  5. Bhugo

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    I had the Ogallalla double strength cologne. It was potent for a bay rum.
  6. St. Johns is the best bay rum cologne I’ve tried so far. Highly recommended!
  7. sarimento1

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    consider Penhaligon's Bayolea.
    I have the aftershave but they also do a cologne.

    penhaligon bayolea simpson emperor schulze saturday april 23 2016p.jpg
  8. Ad Astra

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    Aramis Havana does it nicely.

  9. Barberry Coast

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