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Bay Rum...best🤔


Mike's Bay Rum is my favorite!

Others I think are good,

Mystic Water Bay Rum
Stirling Bay Rum
Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum - has no clove scent to me if you are looking for that
Dr. Jon's Anne Bonney - and interesting take with a note of black tea
I finally tried the Ogallala Bayrum & Sandal wood and have to say it is great , the Bayrum has a little spicey clove to it but with the Sandal wood in it I found as it dries down you will find it mellows out nicely about a hr later or so IMO in the Aftershave side. The soap is great and the scent is not overwhelming and gives excellent protection with great post shave feel and compliments the Aftershave as a pair IMO.
Sandal wood treats..jpg SE SOTD, Wed, Nov11th, 2020.jpg
Have some great shaves! Stay & think safe in these times!
My favorite Bay Rum soaps are:

Barrister and Mann Bay Rum
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Atomic Age Bay Rum
Chiseled Face Bay Rum
Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny

Not sure if any of those are easily obtained in the UK though. Phoenix and Beau make a Bay Rum I see being used by some B&B members. Perhaps someone can comment. Fairly certain that one is made in the UK.
Phoenix Atomic Age Bay Rum Aftershave is great, very complex and manly.
ordered Mikes Bay Rum shaving soap from Canada, a month ago, still not arrived yet, tracking shows it arrived in UK a week ago, but I'm still waiting🙄🙄🙄hopefully not much longer🤔
Stirling Bay Rum has been an exceptional soap for me. The lovely scent fills the room as do most of his soaps. Tallow based somewhat soft soap. I have other Bay Rums I enjoy, but this one has the nicest scent.
This was the 3rd offering I purchased from Stirling and most definitely one of my favorite scents from Rod & Mandy but when most people describe the scent they always point out that it has a very forward clove scent but I think they are wrong in that , to me, the scent I pick up the most is the nutmeg which to date Stirling is the only mfg that uses it in their Bay Rum offering. I think most people mistake the two scents because most Bay Rum's have either a a distinct clove scent or no clove at all. I went on a search of Bay Rum's about 3 yrs ago and was very displeased with the selections from quite a few vendors and to me especially the ones that had no clove in them at all, because, imo, to be a truly tropical Bay Rum scent it needs the clove in it and all that I tried I missed the nutmeg that Stirling puts in theirs...
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