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rtaylor61 said:
You're asking Ron WHICH of the products he has tried???

Brother...remember...you're asking RON!!!


I guess the question I should've asked:

Ron, which of their products have you not tried yet? :biggrin:
roughrider said:
Ron, which of the other products have you tried?
Beside the shaving soap, the verlain (linden and vervain) and green tea aftershaves, eau de cologne, and soaps with seaweed bits (dynamite!).


The lavender and linden bath bars for SWMBO. Really great fragrance, laden with shea butter, and triple rich lather.


Excellent natural products from Provence. I continue to be very pleased with their efficacy and price.:thumbup:
I think I am going to pull the trigger on the liquid bath and shower gel in green tea too. BTW, you are always welcome to visit.
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