Battle of the Old Spices

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Frank Shaves, Aug 11, 2018.

    This is about Old Spice, but let's start with a little context.

    I recently got interested in alcohol-based after shaves after reading about them on this forum. I had been using Nivea's post shave balm exclusively for over 20 years. So it's been a long time since I used an alcohol-based after shave. I have now tried a bunch of the after shaves:
    • Aqua Velva - Smells like dirty not-quite-sure-what. Must be the menthol. Not my favorite.
    • Pinaud Clubman (the regular one) - Nice. Definitely worth trying, but it failed to bring back memories of the local barbershop.
    • Proraso Green - OK. Not great, not bad. I am kind of indifferent to it.
    • Fine Accoutrements Fresh Vetiver - Love it. If I could pour it all over my body or fill a tub and soak in it, I would be even happier.
    • Fine Accoutrements Italian Citrus - Ditto.
    Back to Old Spice. I poured through all of the literature I could find on the Internet and then I 1) bought a bottle of the Proctor & Gamble version at my local grocery store, 2) tried to buy a bottle of Family Dollar Spice to only learn that the product had been discontinued, and 3) bought a bottle of Indian Old Spice made by Rubicon via eBay.

    First, Old Spice is awesome! It is refreshing and invigorating, and just smells great! But I have to say that I actually prefer the Proctor & Gamble version over the Indian Rubicon version. The Indian version just does not feel as alive to me and it has a bit of a burn, which I do not care for.

    My only negative comment about the Proctor & Gamble version is if I were the CEO of Proctor & Gamble, I would tone down the sweetness of the product just a tad.
  1. You should try PAA Cold Spices. Supposedly, its very close to the original formula.
  2. i tried some 100 mL Indian old spice from amazon and i thought it was just ok, it's definitely the original old spice smell, but it seemed a little on the weak side, nothing too special. It came in the glass type bottle which i like very much but it had the newer all red logo that i think looks horrible and the box said - smell like a man. So even though it's made in India by Rubicon, it was their newest version with P&G on the back label, so i'm pretty sure this is not the good stuff like the older Rubicon ones you guys talk about. I was hoping for the bottle with the little blue sailboat on it.

    But i have tried a sample of Barrister & Mann Reserve Spice aftershave and it was really awesome, it smelled just like my memories of the 1980s. I'll be trying the other companies' versions in the future as well, stilrling, soap commander, etc, ... i love that scent !!
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  3. Rubicon OS doesn't compare to the original Shulton in my opinion.
  5. I just added the Barrister and Mann to my list. Thanks for the tip!
  6. @Frank Shaves, if you live in the CONUS, then PM me your address. I have a new unused 7oz Family Dollar Spice aftershave I will send you. The scent is not super strong or super long lasting, but it is the true scent of classic Shulton Old Spice.
  7. +1 on B&M Reserve Spice
  8. Bhugo

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    I like and have tried all the mentions so far. I’m not a fan of the alum in PAA. I agree with Okie that the Indian version is not comparable to Shulton. @Frank Shaves if you want to see what everyone is trying to imitate, I suggest using eBay to procure a vintage bottle. I am always amazed how good the original is compared to every other attempt. If for nothing else, to see what everyone complains about with the PandG version. You can get a deal if you keep an eye out.

    That being said, I like Avon Spicy and BandM Spice the best of the clones. I have purchased a lifetime supply of vintage Shulton so I have stopped trying other clones.

    Good luck in your quest Frank Shaves!
  9. +2 on B&M Reserve Spice (but B&M is not cheap)
  10. @Bhugo pretty much said it all.

    I tried several OS variants (P&G, Shulton, B&M) and was always left wanting. Then I got a bottle of vintage here on the BST and wow, what a difference. You want a true OS scent? Get the original OS...
  11. My ‘problem’ is that I like most all of the OS options, especially the vintage Shelton version!! :a29:
  12. My favorite spice in order:
    Avon Spicy
    Vintage Shulton
    Family Dollar Spice
  13. I didn't like P&G at first. I used it once, then threw the bottle away.
    Later one, I tried the Vi-Jon Spice and liked it. Several months after that, I bought another bottle of P&G OS, just to use for one of my SEptember shaves, and I ended up liking it then.
    Now, I have a bunch of vintage OS that I've acquired from antique stores, and my favorite thing is to hand mix a little vintage with the modern - best of both worlds.

    I tried Avon Spicy once (Spark Plug decanter), and while I liked the scent, it was just a bit too strong for me. I recently got an unused Super Shaver decanter of Spicy, and it smelled better - maybe it's a bit fresher, I don't know. I'll try that pretty soon and see how it goes.
  14. Vintage Shulton is the way to go IMHO. I also like Avon Spicy, but it's definitely different.
  15. Just wanted to add another my post above i said that i thought the Indian Old Spice had the correct scent but was a little on the weak side. Well, I gave a bottle to my dad 2 months ago for father's day....and he just gave it back to me yesterday, saying it was way too strong LOL. totally opposite reactions. He used old spice all thru the 70s and 80s and said he didn't remember it being that powerful. :lol1:
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    Just got a bottle of Cold Spices, it smells pretty close to Shulton formula. It doesn’t list alum as an ingredient. Will try it out later this week!

  17. Indian Old Spice can very well be too warm and if used after an aggressive razor and feather blade in it, set things on fire. New formula is strong and last many hours. I like the scent with legs but only if there were less pepper corn in it....
  18. How does Stirling Spice AS compare to the PAA Cold Spices and B&M Spice aftershaves?
  19. I have both the vintage and new OS AS...and fortunately I enjoy both. A great scent profile.

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