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Battle of my Titanium Razors

Sure looks nice I was thinking about the WRH7 handle as well... maybe the WRH2 80mm. My BBti is machined finish which I love the look of, hence thinking the brushed matte Wolf. Have to decide to compliment or contrast my BBti (brushed or polished Wolf)? But decision will be made tonight Tara is probably growing impatient!
I currently have a 1.35 Ti polished for sale listed in the BST. The Wolfman Ti polished is very pretty, but I would say Ti never can get as beautifully polished as SS, but it’s still extremely pretty. Pictures never do justice in my opinion.
excellent write up @HabanaRon an informative and enjoyable read.. I have no Ti razors or shaved with any, as I enjoy a little weight to my razors but who knows might be missing out on something

I do own a Timeless 95 SB in SS and have just ordered a Blackbird in SS also. The shaves with the Timeless are very smooth with no blade feel and due to the heft of the SS, pretty much allow the razor to do the work without any pressure from me

Cant wait for delivery of my bird to compare the shavesining my mid about Ti razors.
I have a timeless SS .95 scalloped and a SS solid bar Blackbird. They are very different, but I love them both, and love the weight. HOWEVER, I just got my first Ti razor, a Haircut and a Shave Ti 076. I may be changing my mind about titanium. It shaves quite a bit like the Blackbird, smooth, very efficient, blade feel. Gives you the same "wow, that was an efficient shave" feeling. Because the handle is big, it still has a small bit of heft. And I thought I was done buying razors. By the way, I have also tried a Timeless Ti Crown Handle on the Blackbird and the results were very positive.
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