Bath House Spanish Fig and Nutmeg cologne

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    Just got this for Father's day. It is nice.
    I enjoy the matching soap and balm. I used those mostly in the winter months as they are a warm soft scent. The cologne is a bit sweeter at first, then settles down to the warm scent I love. It's not a cologne you will find at any store and you most likely have to order it online. This bottle should last me yrs.

    The soap is a veg based soap that pretends to be tallow. They all smell identical.

    For reference, I am mainly a Givenchy Pi kinda guy.

    For anyone on the fence about it, I recommend it.
  1. I have wondered about the smell of this line for quite some time. I love figs for eating. That is the only reason I've been so interested. Can explain more what the scent is like and the performance of the soap?
  2. While in Turkey we would find Fig trees growing in the wild. About the size of Apricot and plums. We would pull the down, wipe off the dust, peel the skin, and gorge ourselves.

    I would describe the soap and balm as a "warm" scent. Bath house did a good job of a perfect blend of the 2 scents, which i would put at about 50/50. It's my first and only high dollar soap and balm i have purchased. The soap puck comes almost all the way to the top of the wood bowl. Its frustrating to try to load a brush and a scuttle is a must. (I am an exclusive mug soap kinda guy) You have to press your brush down till it touches wood, then basically spin the brush to load it, being careful to not loose any over the side. It's easy to screw up the water soap ratio too. It seems once you add too much water, you cant recover. But if you load it about 3 times and add just a drop or 3 of water each mixing, it is really thick and smells so wonderful. The soap is a good performer, but add just a touch too much water and it gets a little to billowy. I've used my soap about 15 times and i can still see the letter imprints, and i got it used. I am pretty dang sure it is a triple milled soap. With the balm, just a pea sized drop is enough to cover from your cheeks to the base of your neck. I shave at night and by morning the scent is mostly gone, but an occasional waft will remind you its still there. Since it wasnt an all day type of scent (in the balm) thats why i asked for the cologne for father's day.
  3. A bottle of the Spanish Fig & Nutmeg arrived. I ordered it because I read/watched(either the forums or YouTube) that it pairs well with Ariana & Evans Summer Fig shave soap.


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