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Barrister and Mann passage coin disappointment

Let me start off by saying I understand this is a novelty item, but it only resembles the computer generated proof.
I received my coin last week and was disappointed when I opened it up. The first thing I noticed it was plain looking not detailed like the proof. Then I started looking at it and the year is missing, the skull is bigger and at a slightly different angle, no polish, and not very antiqued.
When I contacted B&M he said he didn't even notice the year was missing until I mentioned it. He also implied I may be a little nit picky. I in turn said if it looked more like the proof we wouldn't be having this conversation.
I just wonder if anyone else is disappointed with this sold out coin. B&M made their money and they probably don't even care. I think if enough of us complain if they decide to make another coin it will look more like the proof.
I'm a very detail oriented person so I was compelled to change my coin. This is what I came up with.
If the absence of the year is a problem, you should be able to return it. You didn't receive what was shown on the website.
But since it's sold out you could probably sell it for what you paid or more.
Although it's not what I thought I was getting. I'm ok with it now that I've changed it. I wish I would have taken a pic before I modified it. If someone could post a pic of their coin I'd appreciate it. This way people can see the obvious difference.
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