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Barrister and Mann Bay Rum set, Talbot Grace soap, Razorock F-400, Semogue Boar and a few things I never use...

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Hello all,

Selling a few things that I don't use often and 1 or 2 new items. Please add $3 for shipping and I will pick up the rest.
CONUS only please. I can only accept PAYPAL at this time. PM for questions and more pictures if needed, thanks! I will try and check messages often while this is active. Thanks for looking!

Clubman aftershave is free for anyone who wants it (used once), if it's the only thing you want please help me out with shipping for $3. -SOLD

1. Italian Barber synthetic brush F-400: used 5-10 times. $15
2. Barrister and Mann Bay Rum set: used 2-3 times. $20
3. Grace soap by Talbot Shaving: Never used. $10
4. Ariana and Evans Asian Plum aftershave: Never used. $10
5. Semogue boar brush model 610: Used about 20 times. $10
6. Omega boar brush model 10290: Used about 10 times. $5
7. Taylor of Old Bond Street Coconut: Used about 10-15 times. $5 - SOLD
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