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Bargain of the day

I went to a local fleamarket today and found a small plastic bag with razors and a couple of brushes.
I paid €5 for the bag.
The razors are Schick Krona, Gillette Flare tip, Gillette Blue tip, Gillette Tech and a 1940 (?) Gillette bakelite Tech.
Not bad, €1 per razor.
Now I have some cleaning up to do 😊
Now I have cleaned the razors, and I will clean them again tomorrow.
After the first round with warm water, a toothbrush and detergent the razors look really nice 😊
The Flare Tip and the Krona looks almost brand new.
The Blue Tip's handle is quite matte and doesn't shine like the Flare Tip, but it could be the aluminum handle.
The Bakelite Tech also looks nice with minor wear on the safety bar, but I am not sure the top cap is original.
The top cap is shiny metal and it feels like you have to almost force it on the base plate.
The Tech is probably not totally original, the head is the same as on my two Ball End and I have never seen that head, or top cap, together with this handle.
Never pass up a flare tip Rocket, especially for that small change! Congrats.
I payed €1 for each of the razors and the Flare Tip is almost like brand new.
So shiny 😊
Here are some pics of the Flare Tip and the Blue Tip.
The Blue Tip is a B 3, third quarter of 1956.
IMG_20201022_112537.jpg IMG_20201022_112618.jpg IMG_20201022_112641.jpg
IMG_20201022_112336.jpg IMG_20201022_112314.jpg IMG_20201022_112356.jpg
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