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    Newbie here. I've always loved the smell of old-fashioned barbershops, and am excited to see there are barbershop scented shaving soaps. I've also learned they don't all smell and perform the same. I would appreciate hearing your experiences with and opinions of different brands.
  1. I started using RazoRock "What the Puck" soap in Barbershop scent that I got in a PIF a few months ago and really like it. Williams is my go to soap for years, so I'm broaden my horizons and trying other soaps.
    It doesn't have an overpowering scent but a light scent that I enjoy.

    Give it a try, you may be surprised.[​IMG]

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  2. Love WTP... Great scent, good performance, and it lasts and last.

    I'd also recommend Mike's Natural Barbershop or Hendrix and Co Barbershop. Nearly the same traditional Barbershop scent, with Mike's being better in performance while Hendrix owns the scent side.

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  4. yeah, there are 2 threads going simultaneously with the same question so i'll just copy and paste my response into both of them.... -

    there are many different of interpretations of "the barbershop" scent depending on personal experience...

    but for me - I used to have a European/Spanish barber in NYC (Manhattan) that always finished my haircuts by slapping around my neck, face, & forehead with a giant soft brush doused with Pinaud talc,... producing a wonderful comforting cloud of powdery goodness around my head.

    So to me, the perfect barbershop scent that reminds me of those haircuts - is captured by Pinaud Clubman original aftershave, and i therefore recommend you pair that with Pinaud Clubman shave soap. The 2 of those are the perfect combo soap & splash of powdery yet manly barbershoppy'ness.


    *(not my photo...copied from google images/youtube)
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  5. Fine American blend is in the ‘barbershop’ category IMO. The scent comes in a matching soap and splash that work very well for me! :a14::a14:
  6. I really enjoy Mike's Barbershop
  7. I only have experience with two barbershop soaps: Stirling and Mike’s. The Stirling is a great soap with a great scent. While I like Mike’s soaps, his barbershop has what I would describe as a mineral smell (not sure how accurate my description is). In this case, I prefer and can strongly recommend the Stirling.

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  9. I find that every once in a while I catch whiff of what I presumed was a tallow funk in Mike's. I wonder if that's the same thing you are smelling?

    That said, I still like Mike's... Just not as much as Hendrix Classic.
  10. And a “fine” scent it is. One of my favorites actually. I have to admit I mix the soap with another to get more tallow going on, but that scent... nom, nom!
  11. the best barbershop scent i have ever smelt hands down is one we have down here in oz.. to me its a classic barbershop smell that i can remember smelling as a kid.. amazing scent

    maker is squadron soaps, soap is called: The Warden
  12. Noble Otter BarrBarr is a good barbershop scent that personally reminds me most of childhood barbershop smell. The notes are Lemon, Rosemary, Basil, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Patchouli. Happy Shaves :)
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    I have found that Mikes Barbershop, Maggards London Barbershop and Cold River Soap Works American Barbershop all smell exactly the same to my nose. I assume that they use the same fragrance oil. I happen to like all of them for scent and performance.

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