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Barbershop or cut your own hair?

Do you go to a Barbershop or cut your own hair??

  • I go to a Barbershop everytime. I love the old time experience!

  • I cut my own hair. I don't have to wait in line and it saves me money!

  • I don't have enough hair to cut it. I shave my head!

  • None of the baove. My wife, girlfriend or mother does.

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My barber does a mean ceasar, and I'm enjoying my hair while I have it. So it's gonna be cut decent. I have the option of getting my hair cut for free at work. I did it once, but I can't get over having a convicted felon with a life sentence cutting my hair, no matter how well he does the job. With almost 2000 of them running around there, I can't remember who I have and haven't pissed off.


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I've cut my own for years now. A #4 all around, a #2 around the sides and no spacer on the back. When I walk by my wife and she sees the back of my head, she usually laughs. I'm married, I don't need to impress anyone, just keep 'em laughing!

Typically a barber every four weeks. I have tried these newer places that are supposed to cater to men with TVs and free drinks, etc, but the employees are stylists and not barbers, so they can't cut hair w/o asking me "what number?" I've been going to barbers for 30+ years and not one of them has ever, ever asked me "what number?" I remember the first time it happened, I was desperate and wound up at a Best Cuts or something. She asked "what number?" I told her my regular barber doesn't use those guards. They shape it by hand. She replied that that's a different training and they don't have that. I walked out for the only time in my life. I was still young and vain and wasn't ready for the ridicule at work should I walk in with a giant white ring around my head the next morning.

Now I am looking for a reliable old fashioned barber shop nearby. The one I go to is nice, but a couple of the guys are getting up there in years and their hands aren't as steady as they once were. And I hate asking for the owner b/c I've been going for about eight years so they all know they've worked on me before, even if they don't know my name.

I also shave the back of my neck three times a week with a disposable I keep in the shower. Apparently I need to be more careful. The one girl commented on how the left side was crooked. :-0
When "bad haircuts" became frequent at our local barber shop (There's only one in our community.), my wife offered to become my barber. Not wanting to drive 30 minutes and then wait for who knows how long, I accepted her offer. She's not professionally trained to cut hair, but rather learned from my instructions and from watching professional barbers. Even though I keep my hair about 3 inches long, she rarely used scissors. Ed, who was my barber for many years and is now semi-retired, showed her how to blend hair using comb and clippers. I was quite surprised when, following one hair cut, she offered to shave my neck with my Sextoblade. "I'll use a light touch and keep the blade angle right.", she said. And she did.

I no longer show up for work on Mondays and have people sarcastically remark, "Oh...I see you got a hair cut!"
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It's getting harder and harder to find an old school barber. I finally found on near my house and I love it! I was getting so tired of going into barber shops and finding chicks trained in cosmotology school. No offense intended to them, but I don't take my Harley to a Ford shop, ya know!


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"Looks like you just went to the barbershop."
"Looks like you cut your own hair."
"Looks like you have to shave your head."
"Looks like your mother cuts your hair."

... hearing only one of these directed at you can be construed as a compliment, and not a blow to your self esteem.
"Looks like you just went to the barbershop."
"Looks like you cut your own hair."
"Looks like you have to shave your head."
"Looks like your mother cuts your hair."

... hearing only one of these directed at you can be construed as a compliment, and not a blow to your self esteem.
I dunno. Maybe #1, but #2-4 would make me wonder, "Why do you say that?" Also, it depends on the tone of voice used when the remark is made.
I recently switched from barber to head shaving during this last hot Summer. I got so many compliments on my shaved head, I will never go back. Had I known how many ladies love the Kojak look, I would have done it years ago! Now that I use a straight on my face, I can keep the DEs to use on my head. And nothing says 'Good Morning' like a splash of witch hazel over a freshly shaved head.
I go to an old-school Italian Barber. He only use scissors to cut. Then he trims up with hot lather and the straight. At Christmas I give him a pretty generous tip and he gives me a an Espresso shot with some of his home-made Grappa...yum!
I go to a local barber shop where there is the owner and two employees that do the cutting. One of the employees tends to give me a less than spectacular haircut, but the other girl and the owner do an outstanding job everytime. Plus they always shave my neck with a straight razor and apply some kind of alcohol based lotion right after. Its a great old time barber experience for all of $13 (before tip... I always tip the people that hold a razor to my neck). I wish I could talk them into offering shaves but they wont hear of it.
I suppose having a #2 I could get the missus to do it - I have a small Phillips trimmer set - but I quite like going to have my hair cut. However, I go to a female hairdresser because I don't like having a bloke touching my head(!)