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Barber's Saloon Soap

Has anyone ever used "Barber's Saloon" soap? I saw some today in IDA (Rexall drugmart) It was a whopping 10 bucks, and claimed to be a "giant size", but upon inspection turned out to be an average sized puck in some shoddy taped plastic(within the box).

I know I could get a Tabac refill for 10 bucks, but i'm just curious if its any good(or worth 10 bucks!)
I have this soap ,it is ok not great.For ten bucks
it is a good buy.It is made in Germany and is not
easy to find.A good soap for your collection.
I tried it last night and liked it. (Made in Germany, package printed in China and distributed by a Quebec company. Paid $12 for two pucks.)

It lathers well and smells great, like flowers, some say roses but I don't really find a distinct rose scent. I would rate this soap high on the list of inexpensive soaps to try.
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