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Barbers and Beer

Hey guys, a few barbers in my area offer free beer to their patrons. The guy I go to does this as well and only requests that you check in on Facebook to spread the word about his business. So I was wondering, do any of your barbers offer a nice cold brewskie?
There's a place in NYC that my cousin visits that gives you a free scotch or whiskey for any shave or haircut. Needless to say, he visits often :)
My barber doesn't offer beer but he will offer a cigar to people he knows if he feels like it. Can't smoke the cigar while your there though. He used to offer hard liquor but was told he couldn't even if its free.
When I lived in Springfield, Il one of the barber shops offered beer. I went twice and was not to impressed. They had cans of beer and it was hard to drink the beer without getting hair in it.
This seems to be a trend in my area, with everything from PBR to a high end barber shop called Gents Place offering a full top-shelf bar to choose from (and at $38 for a haircut in the midwest they darn well should!). My place offers PBR but I keep scheduling my haircuts for Saturday mornings, and I'm rarely in the mood for beer at 9:30 AM on a Saturday; the coffee they have as an alternative is just fine with me.
That is illegal in Massachsetts......but then again - everything is illegal in Massachusetts.

Heh, the barber I go to in Downtown Crossing sometimes offers grappa or sambucca. I go at lunch so I never get to take him up on the offer. But the offer for an espresso is nice, though.
Quinntessential Gentleman in Baltimore. They have beers and cigars in stock, as well as a designated cigar room upstairs. If you bring a bottle of hard liquor, they'll label and keep it on hand for your subsequent visits. Great place!
Yep, a few places in Milwaukee do that. Free beer, soda, water, or even harder stuff. My friend got some Irish Wisky last time we were there.


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I got a fine haircut, but no beer. There was some chatter from the gents waiting about the 'quality' of haircut one would get from him if he were hung over, but that's as close as we came to alcohol.

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