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Barber Shop Shave.

I would like to treat myself at a new ye olde barbershop that has opened around the corner from me in our nice village.

£40 for a haircut plus a full wet traditional shave with Cigar and a brandy. Around $66 for my American Friends.

Thing is, I could spend that cash on shaving gear!

I'm torn!

Anyone on here visit barber shops for a shave?
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He is trumper trained apparently. Won a few awards.

Ive had some bad shaves, mostly from women at a barbershop. I'm not being sexist either! :)

I'll give it a shot!
I couldn't disagree more. Here's the key: seek out the oldest barber you can find. My first barber shop shave was when I was 18. The barber was about 147 years old. His hands were shaky, and his glasses were as thick as the bottoms of Coke bottles. But I sat down in that chair, closed my eyes, and got a truly wonderful experience. I've had shaves from younger barbers since, and almost without exception, the younger the barber, the less satisfying the shave. In fact, once I went to a new barber shop run by a twenty-something kid, and he pulled out a Mach 3!

So, in the hands of an artisan, a shave can be a relaxing, fulfilling experience. Not to mention a shave closer than close. Just be sure to seek out someone who knows what they're doing.
Have had a great shave from a barbershop here. There were 3 approximately 20-30 year old girls in it, but they knew what they were doing. I was a bit surprised. Far better experience there than from two barbershops in town that had older men (one 60+ and one 80+) in it. Haircut was great, friend who cuts hair said it was one of the best jobs of fading he had seen a barber do. The shave that followed was the most relaxing thing I've experienced. Hot towels, warm lather, I almost fell asleep while she was shaving me. It was wonderful.
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