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Barbasol Pacific Rush discontinued at Dollar General

I was buying some Pacific Rush at Dollar General the other day and the stock person said that I had better get all they had because this was no longer going to be carried in Dollar General. OH NO!!!!
My favorite AS splash no longer carried in DG!
I bought all they had in that store and quickly drove to three more Dollar General stores and bought all they had as well. I asked at each location if it was true that it would no longer be carried and was told it was true at all three locations.

So get you some before it's gone!!!:yikes:

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Inspired by this, I threw on Barbasol Brisk this morning ... our $ stores don't seem to have the Pacific Rush, just the Brisk.

Hmmm - that's sad. I like it. Might have to check my DG and see if there is any left. It's a nice subtle scent with a good menthol hit.
Thanks for the heads up!
Luckily in our area you can also find Barbasol in a store called Deals, part of the Dollar Tree chain. However the first one I stopped at had only one bottle of Brisk left. Started to panic. "Is Barbasol After Shave being discontinued?" I wondered. So I bought it. Next store I visited had dozens of bottles of both variety.

Having never tried either of the Barbasol splashes, I stopped by a DG and picked up 2 bottles of Pacific Rush and a bottle of Brisk for $1.75 each. Both smell great and I'm excited to try them in the next couple of days!

I may have to go back and grab the remaining few bottles of Pacific Rush...

Anyone know of they'll continue to stock the Brisk?
Pacific Rush is my favorite of the Barbasol offerings. I don't understand why these big companies keep discontinuing or reformulating their products. I guess it just means more business for the artisans, which I would rather support anyways.
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