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Barbasol emergency shave

So I have had a running toilet. How this relates to Barbasol will soon be abundantly clear...

Yesterday I swapped the dual flush valve seal in the toilet without using the shut off valve for the water supply to the toilet. But the seal swap didn't fix the issue. I need a new flush valve. So I tried the shut off valve to see if it would work. Couldn't budge it, which I expected. I don't know why I even put them in. I searched for "guaranteed fixes" on the internet. I sprayed the valve with PB Blaster and banged around the valve to loosen the mineral deposits and let it sit overnight.

Fast forward to Monday morning. I filled the sink and scuttle for my shave and began running shower water. For some reason, I tried the valve handle again and, lo and behold, it began to move!....until the shaft broke, the handle in my hands, and water spraying out of the broken valve. I ran outside and shut the water to the house off.

I used the sink water for a quick sponge bath and Barbasol shave. TMI? Sorry, but I have to share how good the canned goo shave went! It was the only solace in my miserable Monday morning. I did one pass with touchups. It took just over a minute. Super cushion and good glide with a thin layer applied. I wish I had reached for my La Toja foam instead, but it was just out of reach.

ADD: new shut off valve has been installed and waiting for new flush valve...
Yes I find Barbasol to be a surprisingly good alternative to our usual brush soap and creams. I use it in my rotation. It’s decent and it works.
I have no issues with Barbasol! When I do carry on only travel, my dopp kit consists of a Bic single blade disposable and a travel bottle of Barbasol. And I'm perfectly happy with that kit!

I've found that adding water to the Barbasol foam make it an even slicker shave. I fully plan to pick up a can of the purple now that the yellow was discontinued.


I Waxed The Badger.
I used my Barbasol last month in my May'd in USA shaves wherein my whole setup had to be of U.S. origin. It's good stuff. I like the Orange and Purple better than the Original, it glides the razor better for me.

In that month I used foam or non lathering creams as I don't have a made in USA brush. I generally prefer a brush and the lather from a real soap, but I can't complain about the quality of the shaves or how well the canned stuff actually worked.

It's strange how comforting something as simple as a shave or some other thing we look forward can be on an other wise not so stellar day.
I haven't owned an aerosol shaving product for a few years now. My emergency shave would just be rubbing regular bar soap on my face and massaging it in. Quick and very effective. I'd much rather do that now than use a spray can of stuff.
I haven't owned an aerosol shaving product for a few years now. My emergency shave would just be rubbing regular bar soap on my face and massaging it in. Quick and very effective. I'd much rather do that now than use a spray can of stuff.
Old habits die hard! Bar soap never entered my mind. I actually have a couple of brushless creams, including AOS samples, that I could have used, but I immediately went to the canned goo. Adrenaline must have been interfering with my thought process as I tried to get to work!
My emergency shave is a bottle of Mentos, soap free- barber’s shaving gel. I don’t remember exactly why I got it, but it smells and works splendidly. It does not foam up, so no brush required.
I hadn't used Barbasol in a while when I decided to have a "1950s shave" with my postwar Tech a few weeks ago. It went well except that the foam seemed a little dry on my face. Someone here advised me to put the stuff on my wet face, let it sit for my usual 3 minutes, then rinse it off and re-apply before shaving. Since then my Barbasol shaves have been excellent.

There's a reason the stuff is still around after 100 years: It sells well. And it sells because it works.
Barbasol works well. I think that when we go back to it, we are more relieved than anything else that it didn't lead to mild carnage. I do go back to it occasionally and enjoy it. Then I return to my brush and cream and there is no comparison.

It definitely helps to rub it in well to work out all of the skin-drying propellant.
Never had a break like yours. Mine are always just leaks I have to resolve. Always feels good when all ends well.

i like Barbasol as an occasional change of pace. Could live with it regularly if no other choices. Probably tops for me of all the cans.
All's well that ends well! I have a can of Barbasol but hardly ever use it. Like some others have stated, I find it dry (and it dries out my skin). If I have to do a quick shave I just rub my shave stick all over and go for it - no lathering.
I haven't used Barbasol in years! Not since about a month into my deployment to Iraq. I remember it being a great dont think about it, spray it out, smear it on product. Sounds like it's still good (enough at least).

Glad you got the plumbing situation under control! Shark Bite valves are your best friend in that flavor pickle. All the big box stores have them. A bit more expensive (a lot more expensive), but they literally click into place and hold well enough that professional plumbers use then with great frequency. The toilet guts, if you know what you need, usually local plumbing supply houses will sell you one.


I have a travel can of Barbasol foam for emergencies (hopefully not like yours). I have a routine for speeding up my shave from substituting foam, only going one pass, no mustache product, etc.
It's good stuff, and I don't shake the can, so it comes out a bit runny like when it's running out....for some reason I find it gives me a better glide.
If I run out of lather during a shave (head and face 2-3 passes) , I will just grab a can....refuse to double dip the brush.