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Barbasol Aftershave for $1

Went to my local Big Lots in Los Angeles, CA and saw these two aftershaves for $1 each.

Don't know if Big Lots is in all states but check there website.



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I recently got my hand of several bottle of each at the Biglots across town from me. It's good stuff and a shame it has been discontinued.
I have Big/Odd Lots around me. I just picked up that splash a few weeks back. Good glycerin and menthol. Sort of a generic "aquatic" scent, but it works fine for me. Can't beat the price.
good call @rockero, I stopped by on my way to work and grabbed a few. First time I've found anything of interest at my LA discount stores!
Glad I could assist in adding to your Aftershave collection. I also was unaware that it has been discontinued which explains the price.

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There's a handful of big lots here in southern california, I've never seen any wet shaving equipment though. They have other things real cheap, body wash and whatever.


Here I am, 1st again.
There is a Big Lot near me, which I'll go to hoping to get some Barbasol.

That Rockero is good at finding the bargains.
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