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Bar soap rabbit hole.

What's your favorite bar soap? If you haven't watched bar soap guy on YouTube, he's very helpful. Also another bar soap guy is a whole saler. So far I like oatmeal
Yardleys from dollar tree , working through 9 bars from stirling. A few from trader Joe's with a few random other so far Stirling is good, my last bar is imo great. Triple milled bedu camel milk tumeric and honey. An old yt video liked it and it's damn good, inscense smell, long lasting and great after feel.
My ATF bar soap is Tone with cocoa butter, original. My skin can get dry in the winter and nothing protects it like Tone. It's getting harder and harder to find. K-mart was always a good place to get it, but my supermarkets and drug stores don't carry it.

A recent favorite is Cremo (blue cedar & cypress scent). It has just the right amount of exfoliation and smells great, doesn't dry my skin. I'll buy again and try other scents too.

Tried Duke Cannon (Naval Supremacy), nice scent but the bar is too big (cut it in 1/2) and has sharp edges that you don't want to drop on a toe. The weird thing about it is the color runs way too much- my whole body, and my tub, turns blue while I'm using it. The soap itself doesn't glide well over the body, and doesn't lather well.

Just bought Yardley's lavender. I tried their oatmeal bar which is decent but the exfoliation is way too scratchy for me.


I used to love trying different soaps over the years. The problem was that some heavily perfumed soaps would give me a rash. I now only used lightly or zero perfumed soaps as I don’t wish to enflame my skin anymore. I can certainly understand the Bar Soap rabbit hole.

Savon de Marseille (authentic, i.e. Fer à Cheval, Marius Fabre, Le Serail, Savonnerie du Midi)

Nesti Dante (Borghi e Monasteri)

Valobra (Primula, Lattuga)
On the bath, I tend to swap between Imperial Leather and Wright's Coal Tar. At the bathroom sink, I just use a cheap pure soap, but will sometimes upgrade to Dove if I see an offer on. In the kitchen, I use a cheap liquid soap.
It was always a struggle in some form or another finding a soap for my face. Most were either drying or made me really oily. Been using this for 2 months straight with awesome results.

Like stirlings shampoo bars. They work very nice. Though most of the time since I shave in the steam room / shower I use the leftover lather.

On tropical holidays and in the summer I am a fan of incognitos citronella less mosquitoes soap.
For shampoo bars, I have been using PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum. I love the Atomic Age Bay Rum. I tried the bar soap but it melted pretty quickly. If it lasted longer then I'd give it 5/5 stars. I did recently order some more bar soaps from PAA to try out only because of the scent. I figured if I liked it then I'd pick up more shampoo bars. The shampoo bars are good value, I think they will last about 3 months or more. I shower every day even though I don't have to be in the office during stay-at-home orders.

I have also been trying out Kirk's Castile Bars and Dr. Bronner's Castile bars. Kirk's is a lot cheaper and can be found at my supermarket.

Before using bar soap, I was using an all-in-one liquid wash. I've used Old Spice 3-in-1 and Irish Spring 5-in-1 but my skin started to break out. Switching to bar soaps seems to have cleared up my skin.

Savon de Marseille (authentic, i.e. Fer à Cheval, Marius Fabre, Le Serail, Savonnerie du Midi)

Nesti Dante (Borghi e Monasteri)

Valobra (Primula, Lattuga)
I looked up that savon, they are huge bars !lol. Every day I use this triple milled Bedu I am more impressed as well. Still have 7 bars of Stirling to try and random others lol.
The classic Savon de Marseille is rather large, indeed. But there are smaller sizes too; I'm currently using a 100g Maître Augustin (made by Savonnerie du Midi).
Im a big fan of Dove bar soap. Its fairly inexpensive, its gets you clean and it doesnt dry your skin out.
I want to try Every Man Jack Sandalwood. Ive used their Sandalwood body wash and beard and face wash and its got a lovely sandallwood scent, so Im sure Id like the bar soap.
I've been training in Jiu Jitsu, striking, and MMA for a couple of years. I use Armbar Soap. They offer tons of choices and all the ingredients are really good for the skin. Since I've started using them, I haven't gotten any funky skin infections. And Defense is a good soap too.
Yardley English Lavender was excellent. Great lather & glide over the body, very moisturizing, washes away clean with no residue, and great scent. This might be my new go-to soap bar.
been through a bunch over the years and PdP milk soap is the one I always return to. nice clean scent, big bar that lasts a long time