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    I want to get a few. Probably one or two boar, and two or three mid grade to high mid grade badger if the wife will let me.
    I want to make several brushes soon but want to at least know what's going in them before I make the handle.
    That link was a good read. The cut away picture really helped. I book marked it for future reference.
    Thanks for the input on you experiences @Big Jim and @REV579 I really want to get better at making brushes and this forums and it's members have been extremely informative and helpful.
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    One thing to consider is not fixing the knot in place permanently, instead, setting it with silicone. This allows you to experiment with a variety of lofts, Handle/ferrule opening sizes, and styles without the need to turn a dozen handles. Factors like glue bulge and functional loft can vary, knot to knot, which would effect the ideal opening size and ideal loft for a brush.
    A good handle is cool, but in the end, it’s all about the function of the knot, right?
  2. Great thread and helpful to others like me. I get frustrated reading the frequent "top 5" or "mine is best" type threads over the years.

    For some reason, this thread turned out different: a solid comparison of different grades and different knots as value for the money spent. The replies are also from very experienced members who have done the work! Thank you all.

    I have a TGN 2-band finest and want to try a softer step up for my next vintage brush reknot, and this info has been super--in short, the Maggards, ACE, and TGN knots are all well thought of for their price, and some of these stack up well against higher priced knots.

    For me, I had great customer service from TGN before, so I will probably get their premium silvertip once my vintage Simms brush arrives in the mail and I can measure it.

    Thanks to all the posters!
  3. Very good suggestion. I will be going that route with my brushes. Although. If I turned 40 or 50 handles then I could justify 40 or 50 knot purchases.

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