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  1. Graydog

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    So here we have 3 knots ,one cost me $57 and the other two $21.95 and $15.88
    Knot size goes from 23.78mm to 24.10mm
    depending on which side you measure it
    ALL 3 knots have about the same density .
    The Glue Bumps not bad on 2 ,the third was kinda big
    As far as the way they feel on the face ,about the same.
    I'm going to put them in similar handles (have to make some first :w00t:)
    and then really put them to the test.
    Can you guess The 24mm Envy White Supreme ?
    The other is a 23.5mm knot Finest 2 band Badger from Vigshaving.
    And the other from Maggards 24mm 2 Band Badger
    I made the Handles :) and washed the knots before gluing them in the Handles
    I will do a test Lather with all 3 and see how they feel and get back to this post later today.
    You may ask why I am I doing this
    I want to find out if it is true ,"That You Get What You Pay For"

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  2. Very interesting test! Let's see it for the best bang!
  3. This will be fun to follow. Can't wait to see what you find out

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  4. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    subscribing to this, very interested in outcome.
  5. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    That has been my experience with most things I have purchased over the years. This will be interesting to follow.
  6. I am very interested in this as well. Can't wait to hear the results
  7. best guess:
    A: 24 Maggards 2-band
    B: 2-band Vigshaving
    C: Envy white Supreme
  8. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    I just want to say that I am not doing this to trash anyone .
    I am doing this for my own curiosity , to prove to myself that it is not always the name or the
    amount of money that makes something better for ME.
  9. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    not correct
  10. sfeile

    sfeile Moderator Emeritus

    I would guess,
    A: Envy white
    B: Vigshaving
    C: Maggards

    Just judging from perceived density and diameter from what I can see in the photos.

    By the way, if you ever decide to get rid of that handle A.... Wink wink, nudge nudge. :laugh:
  11. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Which handle ? and still not correct
  12. What is the correct order?.........'Enquiring' minds want to know
  13. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

  14. sfeile

    sfeile Moderator Emeritus

    Wow that Vigshave looks super dense from the photo. They all look awesome, but that is the handle I was referring to. The one with the Vigshave listed as "A".

    The envy looks dense as well, but the hole in the handle looks smaller in the photos. That's why I thought that was the Vigshave since you said it was a touch smaller than the other two.
  15. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    All the holes in the handles are the same. I like that handle as well:a50:

  16. The finish came out really well on all three of them. Nice and glossy.

    • Are they set to the same loft in your handles?
    • Which one stunk like a dead badger the least the first time it got wet?
  17. Kurtis

    Kurtis Contributor

    I'll be interested in hearing how the Maggard performs. I have a VS Finest 2 band that I use regularly. Very nice knot. I haven't used my Envy White brushes in a while. One turned into a shedder and the other was a custom brush set at 50mm loft. The actual loft is around 53-54 because of the huge glue bump. Effective loft is 50mm though. It's just too big for my face.
  18. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    All three are set at 50mm.
    They all had a slight Badger smell ,nothing really bad.
    CA glue, boiled linseed oil and polish is what I used for the finish, I just started using the linseed oil
    a few handles ago. Thank You for the kind words

    As far as the handles , I like the way the Mag's feels in the hand the best.
    Yesterday I did the bowl lather test on all three, I'm glad that I used MERshaving soap. My face was never so soft and clean and the smell after three applications to my face was great ,no need for cologne I smelled like a freshly peeled orange .:a14:
    If you have never tried MERshaving soap I suggest that you give it a try.
    Today will be The Face lather test with a shave thrown in there somewhere .
    I will post all My opinions of the knot's probably after my Sunday shave using MERshaving shavings
    "Old Timers Spice" of coarse for my Sunday Old Spice shave:shaving:.
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  19. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    So going thru my notes I was asking myself what else should I compare or judge these three knots on .
    What are some of the question You fine Gentlemen might have in minded ?
    Suggestions would be very helpful for me
  20. My biggest questions were the density, face feel, how easily they lather, and if they are lather hogs.

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