Bamboo Island has joined us this evening!

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    I was working on this formula in my head and while I was at the gym, I was chatting with a lovely young lady named Alexandra who works there and brought up the idea to her. When I told her about what I was thinking of doing with this scent she said "Ginger!" right before I going to say it myself then she added "Vanilla" to her ideas and I took note! Today, when I started mixing things together, I felt there was something missing and remembered her suggestion and knew it was right! I added it and it was exactly what it needed so that the scent of the Bamboo could come "poking" out of the light Vanilla scent! Can't wait to tell her!

    Bamboo Island – Imagine some remote tropical island with tons of fresh, green Bamboo stalks all around, Coconut shells poking out of the forest with Vanilla plant blossoms and Ginger flowering plants nearby along with Sweet Honey from the bees creating an unusual Bamboo Island fragrance!

    It is fragrance No. 30 of our new fragrances for our Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream!

    It is available in our sample packs here:

    Shaving Cream Sample Pack
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    Seems like another fun one!

    Ginger on a tropical island. . . :001_smile


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