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Bam! - The Eagle Soars !


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The Simpson Customized Eagle G3 Group Buy Is Officially Underway!!
(wait for the applause to subside. :rolleyes:)



(Please note the brushes pictured are filled with pure badger hair)

That's right B&B'ers. The Simpson Eagle G3 Group Buy is underway. We thank all of you for your patience. We know the wait was grueling but things are going to happen pretty quickly from here on out.

Here's the skinny:

This group buy is for a custom Simpson Eagle G3 in Best Badger. This brush is currently available only in pure badger hence the custom nature of this brush since it will be filled with Best badger hair. The brush will further be customized since it will be engraved as "Best Badger".

We have conveyed to Vulfix that we would prefer a loft of 47-48mm and a more fan-shaped brush. They have responded in kind that they will do their best to adhere to our wishes but require some leeway due to the hand-made nature of this brush. If this representation from Vulfix is not to your satisfaction, then we recommend you do not participate in this group buy.

Depending on your source, the dimensions somewhat vary from source to source but the approximate dimensions of this brush are as follows:

Eagle G3 Specs
Ht: 98 mm
Loft: 50 mm (we have requested a 47-48mm loft)
Base: 48
Knot: 23 mm (we have requested more of a fan-shaped brush)

Again, Vulfix has indicated that they will do their best to meet our specification requests.

This exact brush in pure badger retails in the range of $85.00 to $90.00.

You can get this customized brush shipped to your door for $103.00.

The window for ordering will last two weeks from May 6th until May 21st.

From May 21st it will take approximately 4-6 weeks for Vulfix to make the brushes and John to take delivery of the brushes at WCS. From there they will be shipped out USPS-First Class.

John has indicated approximately 4 weeks but I have tacked on another 2 weeks as a precautionary measure.

But here's the best part. John, at www.westcoastshaving.com, has agreed to donate ALL of the proceeds from the sale of this brush to Operation Smile. :clap:

Buying one of these brushes will not only put a smile on your face but your purchase will helpOperation Smile put a smile on the face of a child.

As many of you may remember from last year's 2009 Carnival of Smiles, Operation Smile was our designated charity. We had such an outpouring of generosity from the members here at B&B that we decided that we wanted to gear this group buy towards raising funds for Operation Smile which is such a terrific organization helping children all over the world. Take some time and click on any of the Operation Smile hyperlinks and see the terrific work they are doing. :thumbup1:

Finally, even if you end up not buying one of these brushes, you can still be a very big part of this group buy by making a donation to Operation Smileand help us bring smiles to children around the world. :smile:


Operation Smile



A customized Simpson G3 Eagle in Best, that is. :thumbup1:

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Nice! I have been holding off pulling the trigger on a new brush, but this is just the motivation I needed.

Thanks again for putting this together.

Big rounds of applause for Bob and John for pulling this together. That is a great price for a Simpson Best Badger brush with a knot of that size. I am very happy that my SBAD will help kids that need it, too.

Patiently waiting for the buy link now.....
103 shipped to canada too?? dont see anything about international..

im [pretty happy to see this :)
I am currently using only a Omega Stripey. Was going to buy a new brush soon...looks like this is going to be the one! Excited to try out a "nicer" brush. Been saving a bit for a purchase like this (the watch looks awesome but still out of my range).
My little brother is celebrating his first Father's Day next month so I hope he'll like it... if he doesn't; well...:biggrin1:
Link is up!

Couple notes.

1) The price includes shipping USPS First Class within US. If you're international, you will wind up paying $3 more than you should. Just a software limitation. Contact me for the $3 refund or it will be added to the donation to OpSmile.

2) WCS is donating ALL proceeds after costs (employee time, credit card fees, packing materials, etc...)

3) My guess is a 6 week delivery time. I'm trying to get a firm date from Vulfix.

4) We will be launching a new site within the next couple days. The link will change. You will not see your order on the new site due to not being able to transfer order history. Don't worry. All our records will be accurate and you will have confirmation via email.

5) This is fun!

Any questions?
can anyone with experience on this brush talk a bit about feel, performance, strenghts, weaknesses?

i know nothing about simpsons other than their name.

many thanks!
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