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Balsamo showdown: Speick vs Floid vs Veleiro

So I am a huge fan of Woodsy scented soaps and AS, and I thought I give a quick rundown of a few that have been in my rotation for any like minded woodsmen out there. Going to compare three Balsam aftershaves, Speick Balsam sensitive, Floid Balsamo and Veleiro Balsamo.

First up - Speick

Im a big fan of Speick in general and expected nothing less than excellence from this Balsamo asb.

The good - very mild on the skin with decent moisturizing properties. It applies cleanly without any heavy or greasy feel. Good coverage.

The bad - This may have something to do with being a 'sensitive' asb but it doesn't do almost anything well. I didn't find it particularly moisturizing and the scent left a lot to be desired by comparison and was fairly short lived.

Second - Floid Balsamo

Aahhhhh. Floid. The name that launched a million barbers.

The good - Fantastic scent and fairly long lasting. I found I could re-activate it with a dab of water hours later. Very good moisturizing properties and a go to when I'm feeling a tad over-shaved.

The bad - Feels somewhat greasy upon application. It has good coverage but it really had to almost sink into the skin over time to feel completely comfortable.

Third - Velerio

Not a name I her much about on these boards but when I found it I just had to try it. It's a Balsamo.

The good - Fantastic cooling properties unlike any I've found in an asb. Combined with its good moisturizing properties it is a tremendous balm for any sort of burn or over-shaved feeling. The scent is very good if a little short lived.

The bad - The scent doesn't last too long. Yeah....that's about it.

The verdict - the Veleiro wins for me hands down. The clean application and cooling properties make it a great choice in both the hot and cold months. The scent is everything I expect from a balsamo and it has a great price point. The Floid comes in second and will always have a home in my den for its wonderful scent and moisturizing. The Speick....ehhhh.

Now ymmv of course, but if you're looking for something different you could do much worse than Veleiro.


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