Balsam Musk and Amber and Il Barbiere Premium Shaving Cream

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    "Balsam Musk and Amber" and "Il Barbiere" Premium Shaving Cream have joined us today in full size 6 oz. containers!

    Balsam Musk and Amber – The Balsam scent of Tolu Balsam is intoxicating and highly supported by a base of Musk and middle notes of Amber help to bring out the sweet, resinous scent of Balsam making it an even deeper and lingering fragrance reminiscent of Ancient times!"

    Il Barbiere – This is one of many old-time inspired barber scents from the early 1800's beginning with Lime top notes, a middle section with minty Spearmint and sweet Vanilla with a light base of Lavender giving this a note of freshness and complimenting the citrus and sweet minty Spearmint Vanilla! NEW!

    Check them out here:
    Shaving Cream
    Shaving Cream
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    Looks great!

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