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Ball end Tech question

Is there a way to tell the difference between a '54 and a '79? According to the wiki both are Z date coated.

Than you guys in advance.
Was the ball-end handle still being used in '79?
Answer: yes, as evidenced here.

The Z-4 ball-end handle was aluminum, and had a different knurling pattern than the 1950s version, which was brass.

Should be easy for Hotnsharp to visually determine which handle he has . . . or if he posts a picture we can tell him for certain!
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I apologize for the lack of pictures. Here are some. One pic is of both Techs that I got this week, and the rest are of the Tech in question.




Thank you very much. I have a Old Gillette RAD and my wife is no help. She is enabling me big time. I am glad I do not frequent eBay.
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