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bald head care

I have read very little on any of the forums I go to about bald head care and maintinece so I thought I would write what I have found works well. I shave my head with a gillette adjustable after I have shaved my face. This is made easy because i shave in the shower and if you want my tips on doing that look at my previous posts. I started out shaving in one pass and then cleaning up with my braun syncro but now that i have gotten much better I have a new reutine. I turn the adjustable to about a 7 (usually use a 3 to shave my face but the head is much easier to shave once you get it down) and shave the first pass against the grain with whatever cream is left in my brush after shaving my face. Next I relather and shave from the front of my face backward. Finally i use water and shave with the grain. I will then feel for any spots i have missed and shave in whatever direction I deem appropriate with water (I know all this sounds really brutal but beleive it is not like it would be on your face). After the shower I dry my head and after it is completely dry I will touch up anything that needs it although it is very rare that I will need to do this. Twice a week I use a facial mask (I prefer french green clay or clinique) and this does a very good job of keeping my head naturally shiny. I will then use a moisturizer on my head at night to keep the skin supple. Finally I use the sharps head balm available from menessentials.com for a sunscreen/moisturizer which can give a very nice shine and even texture without the oily feeling you can get from other products just in case some pretty lady is curious about how you head might feel. Baby oil can be used but it is bad for your skin and horrible in the sun and girls don't like the feel but it will make your head look like a mirror so you can blind drivers as you walk down the road.
I use my double edge for my face/neck, but haven't had much luck using it for my head. It works, don't get me wrong, but seems to take a very long time to get even close to the shave I can get with my headblade. The headblade is almost identical to the dovo head shaver, except plastic and the blade mounts to the very front instead of in the middle.

My headblade came with regular Atra 2 Plus blades, but frankly I had horrible luck with them. Didn't care for them at all. Lots of irritation, nicks, etc...

I switched over to the SensorExcel cartridges and it was night and day. I now shave my head in about 2 minutes flat.

I use the entire headblade line.... The headblade, head-slick (shaving lotion), head-lube (moisturizer made specifically for your head), and if I'm going to be outside a lot, head-shade (sunblock).

The head-slick is great if used right. You have to put it on VERY thin... It takes only a couple drops to prepare your entire head. It also has menthol in it, so it has a "proraso" feeling to it which is nice. If you get too much of this stuff though it get's kinda thick, can clog the razor, etc... Less is definitly more!

The head-lube (despite it's rather laughable name) is also a great product. It's available in either glossy or matte finish. The glossy has just a tinge of safflower oil to leave a little shine. If you REALLY want it to shine, put on the first coat, let it dry, then apply a second coat. Doesn't feel oily or nasty at all, but works great. Moisturizes really good, won't clog your pores, etc.

I can't comment on the sunblock as it's just that, sunblock, but it's in a bottle with an atomizer, so it's easy to apply, and I've NEVER gotten a sunburn on my noggin, so it must work pretty well.

I've tried using english creams with the headblade in place of the headslick. I don't know exactly why this is, but I just don't seem to get nearly as good a results. Maybe due to the differences between the hair of your head and face? Anyway, the head-slick just seems like the way to go if your gonna shave your noggin! :biggrin: That coming from a guy who abhores M3's, Fusions, canned goo, and the like, has to speak for something... :biggrin:

My entire routine by the way goes like this most mornings...

Wake up
Fill cordless electric kettle and turn on
Rinse head with hot tap water
Apply thin layer of head slick
Shave head (ALL against the grain passes from the start.. Forehead to crown, sideburns to crown, neck to crown... Only one pass ever needed)
Rinse head and feel for any spots that may have been missed (very rare, but once in a while in the back I'll find a small spot).
Jump in the shower
Wash head and face with Nivia face wash
Apply Prorase pre-post to face/neck
Wash up
Dry off, except face/neck
Pour HOT! water from kettle (usually about 170-190 degrees by now) into bowl and soak brush
Soak towel with water from kettle and apply to face for a minute
Prepare lather of the day
Shave face/neck
Rinse face/neck and head with cold water
Block face/neck
Clean up while letting alum dry
Towel off remaining moisture
Apply aftershave of the day and/or coral skin food
Apply head-lube to head
Viola! I'm ready for the world... :lol
I got tired just reading that. My approach has fewer steps:

In shower shampoo head and leave on while washing rest of body

rinse head and apply aveeno gel. Lather it up by hand
shave with fusion power. grain seems random on different parts of the skull, but basically against the grain seems best

alum block and rinse

dry off

Nivea after shave on head

for the face:
wet face with hot water while running hot water over brush

fill scuttle with hottest water. add a bit to cup

take brush, dip in trumpers rose, whip up lather

shave with DE or sensor excel; two passes

rinse and apply alum bar; rinse again; dry

apply proraso liquid cream to face.

after getting dressed apply Sharps bald head balm

:w00t: done; and tired just reading it.
aawsome i was hoping to get more routines in by writing mine. i want to try the headlube it sounds like a good product and i may sooner orlater try the headblade and head slick you spoke of. thanks and if anyone else has a differing routine i'd be very interested in seeing it.
You can usually find headslick and headblades in walgreens or rite-aid. Alternatively you can order any of their products from headblade.com.

If you order online, when it asks for a coupon code, put in MYSPACE. It'll get you a 20% discount.

(For the record, I don't work nor am I affiliated any way with headblade, I just use their products and REALLY like them.. :thumbup: )
Back when I was shaving my dome I used a little bit of Jergen's medicated hand lotion on it and it kept the skin quite healthy.
Shower- leave head wet.

Apply cream or soap with brush-let soak in.

Apply another layer of cream/soap to dome.

First pass- with the grain.

2nd pass- against the grain.

Rinse warm, then rinse cold.

Alum block.

Then ASB.

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