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Bakerloo Line's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

Please allow me to introduce myself:

Bakerloo Line

What is your real name?

What are your nicknames/aliases?

Where do you live?
Boston area

What is your age (or) generation?

What are you in the real world?

What is your favorite shave setup?
DE all the way! Up until this week, I've used a cheapo Gillette razor - probably the last version that was offered for sale in the US, along with any blades I could find (dopey me, never thought to look on the internet).

This week, I started with a Merkur Futur - awesome shave.

And after much experimentation with brushes both cheap and expensive, Trumper's/Harris'/Palmolive/Proraso creams, I'm really partial to King of Shaves gel applied by hand, or (even better) straight shaving oil - King of Shaves or Pacific.

What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
Cooking, reading, changing careers - pretty boring actually.

What else should the members of B&B know about you?

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