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FS Badger Brushes (Batch 1)

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I have been a B&B forum member since 2009 and have had many transactions with long standing members here. Many of these brushes have been used less than half a dozen times before being put away on display and some will still have the new badger stink - which takes a few shaves before going away. None of them have any issues that I'm aware of. I am the original owner of all but one of the following brushes.

Tracked shipping included within Canada and the US. All prices in USD and payment is to be made via PayPal please.

  • Faux Marble Simpsons Duke 3 Manchurian Two Band Badger Shaving Brush (23mm Knot)
One of the most versatile shaving brush offerings by Simpson. The Manchurian is Simpsons best grade of 2 band Super hair with superb density, backbone and flow through.​
The approximate brush measurements from the manufacturer are as follows:​
Handle height - 47mm​
Knot loft - 46mm​
Knot diameter - 23mm​
Brush retailed for approximately $271 before shipping from Europe. Will ship in original retail box. Asking $200.​



  • Faux Jade Rooney Heritage Stubby 2XL Limited Two Band Super Badger Shaving Brush (28mm Knot)

I believe this was a limited batch and retailed at VintageBladesLLC. I recall trading a rare toggle for this brush with a prominent member of this group a few years ago and never got around to using it.​
These brushes have good backbone with very soft tips, excellent density and flow through characteristics. No longer produced and difficult to track down, especially in handle materials like this one.​
The approximate brush measurements from the manufacturer are as follows:​
Handle Height: 45 mm​
Loft Height: 47 mm​
Knot Diameter: 28 mm​
I do not have the original box anymore - brush will be shipping in bubble wrap. Asking $200.​






  • Shavemac Custom Americana 2XL Two Band Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush (28mm Knot)

I custom ordered this through Bernd at Shavemac in 2016. The Americana style handle is very distinct and displays very well. The Shaving Room (TSR) had a forum order through Shavemac and I loved the knot so asked Bernd to make me a few brushes using the same hair batch. Very similar backbone to the D01 which I also have in the same size but without any scritch.​
This is a bulb shaped 28mm 2-Band Silvertip knot with a 57mm loft. The brush will ship in it's original retail box from Shavemac.​
I believe the original cost to me was around $240 before shipping with my discount at Shavemac. Asking $180.​


All PMs responded to gentlemen. Once I receive payment I’ll mark the brushes as sold - till then they are available. Jim, the Americana IS a lovely design. I have multiples in bulb and fan have enjoyed them both. The bulbs from shavemac at the right loft are wonderful :)
The Rooney is sold. Thank you.

P.S. I can't seem to edit the main post as I would have preferred to mark is as sold at the top!
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