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Badger Blends: Your Homemade Aftershave Mixes

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Made a very nice vetiver AS today! 👍 " Veti-very."

Had some Crusellas Vetiver left over... 🤔 These Crusellas products are cheap, mostly found in Miami etc. as it's a Cuban family. Anyways.

They are high in alcohol but usually low in essential oils, IMO. To be fair, they sell inexpensive in a large bottle. Anyways II!

Decanted the rest into glass, added a few drops glycerin and about 1/3 witch hazel. Now it's got moisturizer and astringent... And since it's a "sweet" vetiver, I added some darker vetiver: a few squirts of Encre Noire. Perfect!

Two kinds of vetiver, witch hazel, alky bite and glycerin? Yeah, I'll take that!

NQS Spice:

2 parts P&G Old Spice
1 part Stephan Spicy
Not quite Shulton (NQS) but better than either one alone.
In spicy, I have P&G OS and and Stirling Deton-8. I would like a mellower spice, but not planning any more spice AS acquisitions. Any suggestions? Would a vetiver scent balance well in a mix? I mix Osage Rub with almost anything, but spice?
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