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Badger & Blade DVD Will Be Available for Purchase Again

Howdy guys,

We've been getting a lot of requests for the DVD, and it's been a while since we've offered it, so for those of you that don't have one, and would like one, this is your chance.

In order to make this possible due to time constraints, this DVD run will be a little different than in the past. This time around, DVDs won't come in a DVD case, and they won't have a label on them. This is a down and dirty attempt to get the videos in the hands of those who could benefit from them, and as such, your order will get you a DVD with "B&B" handwritten on it in Sharpie by yours truly, mailed in a cardboard DVD envelope. We'll still use the same high quality discs we used for every previous run, the only difference is the lack of frills. The one benefit (aside from this method making it possible for us to make the DVD available) is that the price will be a bit lower.

For this run, DVDs shipped First Class via USPS will be $6.50 for members and $11.00 for non-members. Prices include shipping within the United States. For members who are outside the U.S., Private Message me and I can tell you how much shipping via air mail will cost.

If you would like to purchase a DVD, paypal $6.50 per DVD if you're a member, or $11.00 if you're not to: [email protected] and make sure that your shipping address is included. If you're a member, please send me a Private Message with the email address you sent your payment from or your payment may be refunded.

The cut off date to order your DVD is September 1st. Barring any trouble with receiving materials, DVDs will be shipped on September 4th.

If you'd like more information on the DVD, or what people have to say about it, here are some relevant threads:

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If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or post them here.

Question: about how long will it take?
I paid for one a couple of weeks ago.
Maybe I didn't read the full post correctly as to WHEN they would be sent.

Thanks for reminding me to post here!

The DVDs were slated to go out Monday, but in my haste, I overlooked the fact that the Post Office doesn't work holidays. So, DVDs shipped to everyone that placed their order by the cut off date. I wouldn't be surprised if some start showing up in mailboxes tomorrow.

And to those that didn't make the cut off, if I had to guess, I think we'll be able to do another run towards the middle to end of October.

Got my B&B DVD in the mail today! I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I'm excited. (And my wife is cringing.)
What a great video! It was longer than I expected ("You're still watching that thing?") and had some great information for newbies and experts alike. I'm really glad I got it, and I really want to try a straight now...

There were a great number of product reviews, and some nice oddball product cameos. My only minor complaint, that I know you've heard before, is the creaking of the camera - sometimes it would cut out a word or two from the narration.
Oh I meant to say, my DVD arrived the other day and I was very impressed with it. Definately looking forward to my straight razor arriving now!!! :w00t:
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