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Badger & Blade Decant Club August 2006 Poll

What Fragrance Would You Like To See Decanted?

  • Endymion by Penhaligons

  • Knize Ten by Knize

  • Lavender Water by Geo. F. Trumper

  • Racquet Formula by Penhaligons

  • Santal by Floris

Results are only viewable after voting.
Greetings Gents,

Please choose a fragrance you would like to see decanted.

Comments welcome and encourged.

The Mods.
You have been bumping along here -I thought I would save you the trouble for today!

I am enjoying the July decants- getting lots of great feedback from the fairer sex and getting to try some great scents that otherwise I would never see or wear.\
Thanks for your hard work!:thumbup1:
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