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Badger and Blade Omega Blonde Boar Shaving Brush, Green Handle

I had never used a boar brush until the latest B&B brush appeared. I used it a few times at home and it was nice from the start. Now I am finishing up a 9 day business road trip. I decided to take this along in a Parker brush case, replacing my Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Travel Brush. I love this latest B&B brush. It is absolutely terrific! It gets better every day.

The rest of my gear: EJ DE89L, Feather blade, WCS Hand Thrown Bowl, GFT Violet Shave Cream (I think MWF will go with me on my next trip--March to October I am on the road almost every week) GFT Lime Face Food, Cetaphil Moisturing Cream, Razorock Alum in case.

I cannot recommend this brush too highly. I cannot believe it has not sold out at WCS. What a bargain! It is so good I am thinking about trying some other boar brushes. Recommendations?

$sb-ome-bb04 (2).jpg
Congratulations for discovering the boar brushes! The new green B&B looks very nice. I don't use boars very often now, but from the 9 brushes I've used, I liked Semogue 1800 the most. It performs very similar to this B&B.
I bought a 1438 on a whim and I am surprised at the performance and comfort of the brush. I did not expect the amount of lather from the lower loft of the 1438. I have the B&B Essential, a 1305, and the 1438.Love them all.


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Semogue Owners Club and an 830 would be my suggestion, but all well made boars like Semogue and Omega are very nice.
I bought a Semogue 610 (the 620 without the fake banding) because of my experience with the B&B boar. I love it! I also have an omega bambino, it is coming into its own, but it has taken much longer than the other 2. Good luck!
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