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Badger and Blade “Archivist” for vintage shaving brushes

The Badger and Blade moderators have kindly granted me a badge of “archivist” for my website www.oldschoolshavingbrushes.com . With that I am able to freely discuss my site’s content and still be within the bounds of the terms of usage.

Badger and Blade has been a wonderful resource for me and I look forward to giving back in any way that I can. I have been very interested in the history of the Rubberset Company and vintage shaving brushes in general. My site was made as a result of that interest.
Great new B&B badge! Surely the magnificent (Jo)Achim a/k/a mr-razor also deserves one -- ah, but I see he already has it! :thumbup:

Edit: Hmm, on second thought, I guess it's not a new badge.... :blink:
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Nice archive.

I've never really had an eye for Rubbersets but there are some interesting models there. The one labeled B-46B (black handle, apparently monogrammed for a certain E.A.H.) is elegant. Someone should bring it back as a modern production brush!
Well, there's some more razor-related porn I have to view daily. Your site is amazing. I'll be referencing back to it often.
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