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B&B LE Group buy Badger and Blade 2021 LE Pipe : Alden Pipes

Sorry guys, this is fairly confusing. It seems like the first Invoices *did* work, but for some reason it just never sent out notification emails. So, everyone will probably eventually receive two Invoices for the final payment. If you do get two, just pay one and disregard the other.

So far it is only sending out emails sporadically for some reason. Someone told me that they didn't get an email, but when they logged into their Paypal account the Invoice was showing there. Who knows what in the world is going on, but I really didn't need Paypal making things more confusing than they already were haha.

I'll give it a day or two to see if Paypal does send the notifications, and then I'll manually send an email with a link to each Invoice for anyone who doesn't get a message from Paypal directly.

Sorry about the confusion !


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@Alden Pipes , I received no email, went to PP account, had two requests for payment, paid one. So what happens to the duplicate request for payment, do you have to do something on your end to make it go away?
@Alden Pipes So what happens to the duplicate request for payment, do you have to do something on your end to make it go away?
I will manually cancel the extra Invoices. I would have already cancelled one, but I was afraid I would make things even more confusing since the email notifications are so sporadic. I didn't want a notification to arrive for one and not the other, and then the one someone receives is cancelled. I guess Paypal is having some glitches somewhere along the way, but it seems to be limited to the notifications alone, payments being made are going through just fine.

If someone accidentally pays both, I will just do a refund and once the majority have paid I will go through and manually cancel the remaining Invoices so they don't just hang around on your account forever.

Sorry about this confusion ! When no one was receiving notifications, and my Paypal account didn't show the original Invoices were sent, I assumed I had made some mistake and didn't send them. Now I see their system was just lagging behind


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I just happened to be browsing SPs new Dunhill pipes and there was this four panel billiard for $780 and it wasn't nearly as nice looking as what we're getting from Alden Pipes!

I have been hearing how Dunhills aren’t what they used to be, even five years ago. At those prices I really can’t fathom buying what is basically a factory pipe. 780 can get a really skookum artisan.


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Gents, the Artist Proof pipe is up in the St. Sue Moore Auction. If you missed out on the buy, or just want a second one, now's your chance! Bring your big boy pants and let the bidding begin!
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